Monday, January 4, 2010

Media Pitch We're Using On This End

[On this end, we’re using the following pitch to the media]

Subject: Force Congress to Post Their Credit Reports Online

The American workforce is routinely being forced by employers to submit their personal credit report when applying for work. Since Congress has been stalling the passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act (that would outlaw this horrible discrimination and gross invasion of our privacy) they must believe they are above being forced to suffer such an indignity. Not so! They work directly for us, the American taxpayer, and if we’re forced to submit our personal credit report in order to work, then Congress should be more than willing to do the same. We’re therefore demanding that each member of Congress post a link to their personal credit report on their website and keep it there until HR3149 is passed. Anyone in Congress that’s against passage of HR3149 should be more than willing to comply and all those members supporting passage should comply to demonstrate they are in fact actually working hard for passage of HR3149.

Since the vast overwhelming majority of Americans from every political party and walk of life are adamantly opposed to such workplace discrimination and invasion of privacy – we’re dumbfounded as to why our friends in the American media have thus far been deaf to our plight. Many of us question whether you’re being muzzled by your corporate handlers, while others think you just don’t care about the American people during this horrible economic disaster in which we’re suffering.

Please demonstrate that we’re wrong on both counts by giving this story the coverage it deserves. We the overwhelming majority of your viewers and readers demand that you stand with us as Americans to STOP this horrible workplace discrimination and invasion of privacy. We’ll be watching . . .

[Don’t like or agree with the above approach? That’s fine with us! Toss it out the window and go with your own approach to deliver your individual perspective, but DON’T neglect to speak up NOW! Remember to save what you write somewhere on your computer, you will need it again . . . make this easy and quick for you.]


  1. I like this approach. I strongly believe that enough noice will make people in the Media,at least listen. After all, This is in the best intrest of everyone. Please check to see if there is some hidden Agenda here. I don't know much about this whole situation, But something doesn't smell right here.

  2. I like this approach very much.I believe that since Congress works for the American people;and they have been stalling it,they should each post a credit report to thier website until HR3149 is passed!!!!! I'd bet they would get busy!!