Friday, January 22, 2010

Activity Requests: Wednesday

A Letter to Speaker of the House and Minority Leader and the Senate Majority and Minority Leader

[Note: As always any sample messages, letters, etc. that we provide are just that, “samples.” The samples are just what we’re sending out from this end and you are strongly encouraged to use your own judgment, voice and perspectives. Our prose, tone and approach can always be improved upon and quite frankly a good mix of perspectives is better than following our samples verbatim. We’re not the most reverent and that may or may not be good (we’re just expressing one opinion among almost a 1000 different member opinions). We don’t do messaging for the group (nor do we aspire to) or ever speak for the group, but instead merely facilitate our members’ ability to speak at once for more power and volume. If you’re a “professional communicator” or would like to help with recruiting, research, administration, etc. shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to get you involved. There is no lack of work to be done.]

1) Speaker of the House, link below, add name, e-mail address, zip, copy sample letter below and paste into form, edit to suit you and send.

2) House Minority Leader, link below, add name, e-mail address and send, or use the e-mail address provided.

3) Senate Majority Leader, link below, add name add personal info., etc. copy and paste sample letter below into form, edit to suit you and send.

4) Senate Minority Leader, link below, add name add personal info., etc. copy and paste sample letter below into form, edit to suit you and send.

[Sample Letter]

The clear message sent last week in Massachusetts was that old cliché “it’s the economy and jobs!” In a post election poll of Brown voters, conducted by The Washington Post, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University's School of Public Health, "the way Washington is working" ran a close second to the economy and jobs as a factor in their vote. While you’ve allowed the health care debate to completely suck the air out of the room for anything else, millions of highly qualified American workers are being locked out of the workplace by discrimination based upon their personal credit reports. Please read the following numbers and do the math:

* The economy has lost more than 7.2 million jobs since this recession began, 2 + million just since May
* For each rare job opening that does exist, an average of 6 humans vie for that one position with 15.3 million of them being unemployed
* 1.4 million bankruptcies were filed in 2009 and the number just keeps growing
* More than 20 million Americans received unemployment compensation in 2009 (and BTW unemployment benefits don’t fix a damaged credit report)
* Between 3 and 3.5 million more homes will enter foreclosure this year

The numbers above represent humans with damaged or destroyed personal credit reports, but it’s “business as usual in Washington.” Namely the American elite and their friends in Congress taking care of each other (enabling $150 billion in bonuses to be paid in just the top six banks alone) while the people are locked out of the workforce via poor credit reports. The rich become even more greedy and richer and the people pay for their sins. That’s not “change” and it’s surly not change anyone can believe in.

It wasn’t our unhinged greed that created this horrible economy, but we’re the ones that are paying for it nonetheless. It wasn’t us that both enabled and encouraged billions in risky loans, it was Congress. Then when it all came crashing down you expect us to buy into the crocodile tears and “show of anger” for the cameras? As Shakespeare would have put it, Congress “doth protest too much, methinks.”

If you truly cared and were feeling regret for enriching your fellow millionaires at the expense of the people, you would have passed HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. Instead, you’ve taken the corporate PAC money and dined with their lobbyists in exchange for squashing passage of the legislation. “We the people” may not be as smart as your greedy friends on Wall Street who caused this horrible recession, but even we know a “fix is in” when we see it!

Guess what, those credit reports are by-and-large Wall Street’s credit reports, not the peoples! They borrowed from us (remember), the American taxpayer, so collectively their credit report says “HORRIBLE,” but they get billions of dollars in bonuses as reward for greed and we the people get locked out of the workforce. Since it’s obviously no big deal to Congress and you work for us, the taxpayer, we’re asking that until HR3149 is passed that all members of Congress place their personal credit reports on their website for our review. It’s only fair if we must submit to such and indignity, then Congress must submit. After all, we’re all Americans in this together, right?

Then, since 1/3 of Americans who are lucky enough to still have a job are forced to work more than one because they’re underemployed, please try what’s commonly referred to a “multi-tasking.” Get HR3149 passed NOW! We’re no longer buying the HC stall tactics or “the fix” between Congress and the corporations who think they own “the people.”

Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing those personal credit reports posted quickly on those websites. “The people” will be watching and voting in November.

[End Sample Letter]

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