Saturday, January 9, 2010

Launching Your e-Mail Campaign - “Why” it’s Critical

Why is this so important? Simple, we’re just not growing fast enough to accomplish our mission. By creating this, as large as possible, chain e-mail campaign (a.k.a. viral) we’ll accomplish two missions at once.

1) We’ll reach out to Congress with a compelling can’t be missed message that will be delivered over and over as the chain spreads and

2) Just as important, if not more, we’ll give recipients of the e-mail chain the opportunity to join our FB group or be added to our e-mail distribution list. If and only if, YOU have some faith and participate, this effort has the potential to explode our membership numbers. (Actually no faith is required but your participation is.) Every new member we get will be asked to perform the same short task as they come on board and we’ll just keep the chain alive until we get passage. This will work!!!!! only with full participation from our membership.

If you’ve been coasting, this is the time to get it in gear and contribute . . . this Activity Request is that important! And those of you, like us, who have been working your tails off recruiting and are a little disappointed in our as of yet big membership numbers . . . this, we’re absolutely confident will move us way down the road. Once we get a critical mass, the snowball effect will grow our membership numbers almost by momentum alone. Reaching that critical mass number however is very hard work. Just give us a brief moment with just a little heavy lifting and we’ll be on our way!

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