Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Congress to Post Their Personal Credit Reports Online

February 1, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC: All members of Congress are now in receipt of an overwhelming constituent demand to immediately post their personal credit reports on their websites. The outreach, facilitated by the HR3149 Political Action Group (PAG), demands that each member of Congress keep their personal credit report posted until HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act is passed. When passed, the legislation, purposely being stalled in the House of Representatives since July, will make it illegal for employers to utilize an American’s personal credit report for either hiring or firing.

Neither the HR3149 PAG nor 90 percent of Americans believe that access to personal credit reports provides any worthwhile information whatsoever in regard to someone’s employment qualifications. Congress on the other hand seems to disagree as evidenced by their continued stalling of HR3149 passage. Therefore, 90 percent of the American public demands that if Congress continues stalling the legislation then they must post their personal credit reports online – on the basis that Congress works for us, the taxpayer, and as Americans we’re all equal.

A personal credit report was originally created ONLY as criteria to evaluate financial lending risks. Then somehow, Equifax®, Trans Union® and Experian® (the big three credit bureaus) discovered that could stomp upon the personal privacy of every American by making a buck selling the information to employers. The practice was always WRONG, but now due to Wall Street’s greed with the help of Congress – millions and millions of Americans have lost their jobs and had their credit either damaged or destroyed. Because of the widespread ever growing use of credit reports by employers to make hiring and firing decisions – millions of Americans are now barred from changing jobs or are caught in a horrible catch 22 scenario of bad credit = no job or no job = bad credit.

This comes at a time when Wall Street, in just the top six banks alone, is being rewarded with more than $150 B in bonuses as payoff for their greed. It was Congress that presided over the economic meltdown caused by Wall Street. Then it was Congress that lent Wall Street our tax money to save their neck – while “we the people” have been pummeled and rewarded with lost jobs and ruined credit? Why then, is a FREE to the taxpayer jobs enablement solution such as HR3149 not part of the current “jobs bill” discussion the Senate? Why does the legislation continue to be stalled? As long as it remains stalled, the HR3149 PAG and 90 percent of the American people demand that the personal credit reports of Congress be posted online immediately.

ABOUT: The HR3149 Political Action Group is a grassroots team of citizen political activists from all 50 states strictly focused on bringing about passage of HR3149 NOW. We receive no funding whatsoever from any individual or political party and are 100% non-partisan.

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