Thursday, January 7, 2010

Join an Activity Wing and Take Flight!

Without any doubt whatsoever, our group's greatest single strength is our wild range in perspectives that include virtually every political party, community identity, organization type, interest, passion and mind set imaginable. Who would have ever thought that a nation this polarized could agree again on anything? Believe it or not, HR3149 is that issue and we have the membership demographics to prove it. Workplace discrimination based on YOUR personal credit report and invasion of YOUR privacy by any employer is just WRONG!

Even so, a tent this diverse singing Cum Ba Ya or our national anthem together without bloodshed, just didn’t seem realistic (for organizing) no matter how much we agree on HR3149. So we made what we think are some organizational calls based upon that reality. Even so, oil and water may be forced to touch lightly on rare occasions and we ask that you “be nice” and “play well together” when that happens ;-) You can go back to fighting after we pass HR3149, but not before!

As YOUR group at-large doorway, we’re merely facilitators to give your individual voices more power and VOLUME. We don’t have the staffing or the desire to try and force fit some top down organizational structure – however we’re absolutely confident that tapping into our group’s wide-range of political parties, community identities, organization types, interests, passions and mind-sets is just a logical smart way to organize.

You may be asking, ‘why organize at all?’ The answer to that is real simple, a mob of human beings just don’t “work” and we have tons of work to be accomplished. Beyond that, we need to: speed our growth in membership numbers, accumulate a wide base of knowledge, leverage all the expertise and experience we have and most of all we need to move fast and get active!

In order to accomplish that, we’re rolling out Activity “Wings.” Why wings? Because wings take flight and force uplift of the whole and absolutely must work in tandem with each other. “Divisions” on the other hand destroy group focus and unity – our biggest strength.

While some Activity Wings may be almost strictly advisors and strategists, most will involve a very light shared work load as in, “our wing will focus on X, Y, Z, you do this and I’ll do that.” Remember, on this end, we’re merely YOUR portal for empowerment, not your group dictator. We envision these wings as very informal networking groups to spur activity from like minded individuals. Our role is simply to network you, much like an empowerment switchboard.

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