Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Get It . . . Please Just Get Me Started Already!

Ready to start your e-mail blast? Simply click “Setting Up Your e-Mail Campaign” here, follow the instructions and skip the rest of the info. below. It’s easy and fast and you’ll be glad you did when we reach our goal of passing HR3149 NOW!

OPTION B) Don’t feel comfortable being the initiator of your e-mail blast? Or maybe you’re just computer challenged? That’s quite all right, we’re so committed to this endeavor and so positive it will work if only you’ll participate, that we’ll even do 99% of the work for you. Just send an e-mail to and VERY PROMINIENTLY IN THE SUBJECT LINE type “Start My Blast.” We in turn will open the e-mail, paste your e-mail address into a new e-mail and send you a ready to roll, fully formatted initial e-mail to get you started. Then all you have to do is open the e-mail, add your personal “I’m doing this so should you” type comments, hit “select all” your e-mail addresses and hit send. Anyone that had an excuse for not participating - we just removed it ;-) We understand fully if this is the route you take, don’t feel the least bit guilty . . . shoot us your “Start My Blast” e-mail and we’ll get you started. We’re on your team! (And NO! we won't sell or share your e-mail address with anyone on this planet unless we're water boarded.)

If however you don’t like what we wrote in our message to our members of Congress, don’t even think about asking us to do any editing for you. We can't be YOU! Even we have limits and changing the message, if you choose to do so, is completely up to YOU. As always, communicate what you think is best, but at an absolute minimum, keep everything in the message that pertains to forwarding the message so that it has the opportunity to become viral and just as important, please do not remove any information that encourages recipients to join our group. Otherwise you’ll kill the whole intention of the campaign. Oh yea, and lastly leave the part in at the beginning about why they should participate (a.k.a. what’s in it for them and e-mail marketing 101).

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