Thursday, January 7, 2010

Activity Wings Q & A

Q. Aren’t you splitting the group based upon potentially contentious mind-sets?
A. Absolutely NOT! Every single member is free to join or NOT join any wing of their choosing. It’s taken a heck of a lot of work to take us this far and the last thing we wish to do is destroy our camaraderie, so we’re trying to increase that camaraderie and make it blossom to the advantage of the entire group’s goal of passing HR3149. This organizational structure just seemed the most natural, logical way to organize for the following reasons:

* It takes advantage of our many diverse passions and avenues for success.

* In short, it basically takes everything that potentially divides us and turns it on its head to unite and strengthen us for the cause.

* It enables us to poll somewhat to see what expertise, avenues and states we have working for us, or don’t have, in order to shore up any holes we do have.

* It is intended to organize and energize under performing passions and avenues for success as well as shield us from anticipated attacks - not to divide!

* It forces and assumes nothing but instead simply allows every member to choose, or not choose, for themselves where they feel comfortable and how they wish to contribute. And in the event, none of these wings are a good fit – it even allows members to solicit us to create a brand new wing.

* It assumes we're all adults, Americans and can work together no matter our political differences to right a wrong for everlasting good in the workplace.

In the end, it was a calculated risk we had to take in order to energize us and keep us from floundering as a mob.

Q. Wasn’t this a risky way to get us organized?
We simply had to organize somehow and we see this approach as bold and realistic based upon the fact that we have a polarized America. It was much less risky than trying to force humans that are in general that are not like minded to work together closely. Taking all the perspectives that potentially divide us and using those instead to lift up the entire group is called outsmarting the enemy. Always remember, our enemy is on the outside of our tent, not on the inside. We were NOT getting the fast growth activity levels needed for success with a mob approach. This approach seemed logical to us, but it’s YOUR group and we welcome any and all feedback. There are and will always be a multitude of opinions within our group as with any endeavor that involves humans. Playing to our strengths while holding us together is challenging with a group this diverse, but at the end of the day we’re confident that the cause will always be a strong enough glue to get us through any and all differences of opinion. HR3149, during this the most horrible economy since the Great Depression, is just too important to cast aside and forget no matter how many different opinions we may have within the group.

Q. What if a wing does something radical and controversial?
While we don’t believe in the adage that “any press is good press,” we can’t fathom something so radical and controversial that it will hurt our cause. Since we have no money backing us, we need any and all attention we can get for HR3149 so we’ll just take our chances by fully empowering and encouraging all our Activity Wings to Go For It!

Q. I’m sick of getting all these messages. Many of the messages are just too long and entailed. Isn’t there a better way?
“Yes” and we think this is it. Anything new has “fits-and-starts” as part of oiling all the parts, figuring out what works, what doesn’t etc. While we in general “get it” on no long messages - sometimes it all will simply NOT fit into a single bullet point. We’ve moved, we think, to more of a self-service approach for information as in if you want it all here it is, but if not, here’s the skinny ASAP. We’re torn at times as to whether we put it all into one message or send a bunch of shorter messages. Case in point, with all these wings, the need explanations, how they should work, etc. this particular message would not make any sense whatsoever if not released at once. HERE’S THE REALLY GOOD NEWS! By breaking us out into wings, going forward, we’ll be able to communicate via wings only and not have to blast our entire membership to communicate with just one segment. All this we’re currently rolling out is for the best for many reasons with efficient communication being high on the list. We listen and try to make YOU our membership as happy as possible, but FB is one huge obstacle sometimes to work within.

Q. This seems like way too involved for me, what shouldn’t I just quit the group?
You don’t have to ever do anything whatsoever and in general we’ll never know. There is zero pressure for you to do anything. Everything we as is strictly voluntary and Action Requests for the group at-large are kept to a mere 20 minutes or so per day. Even if you join a wing, we’re not asking for a lifetime commitment or you to dedicate yourself full-time, just a little bit of extra time if you can spare it. If you can’t spare the time or don’t want to get that involved that’s perfectly fine with us. There is zero pressure to join a wing!

Q. Good grief, why is all this necessary . . . can’t we get this done with a few phone calls and e-mails?
If we had a b-zillion totally committed active members bombarding Congress 24/7 the answer to that question would be “more than likely.” Even with our ever growing membership numbers, we still have to use every tool and avenue at our disposal to grow our membership numbers faster and bigger, work every angle and avenue we have available and be relentless and never tire or say die until this becomes law. We’re up against big corporate MONEY and MONEY talks BIG in Washington, D.C. We will have to pry those wads of PAC cash out of the hands of our members of Congress before they will let them go . . . trust us on that! “They” expect that we’ll simply give up easily and just go away . . . that is exactly why they are working in unison behind the scenes to muzzle the press and stall this legislation as long as possible until we fade away. It’s our passion and numbers versus their money.

Q. I’m tired all ready, how long is all this going to take?
We believe that primarily depends upon how long it takes us to remove the corporate muzzle currently on the so called “free press.” That’s why establishing our blogger network is so critical. Once the American people hear about HR3149 they support it by 90% . . . passing this is almost as simple as exposure to the American public. If we win our media battle, passage will be very fast . . . as short as a couple of months or so after widespread reporting in the media. While we firmly believe we’ll win the media battle if we continue to grow our membership numbers and keep pounding them, there are no guarantees. If we don’t win the media battle, we’ll simply have to force it through with an overwhelming number of members and alliances with other like minded groups (BTW we are not alone). That will take a lot longer, but we have until at least the end of October if necessary . . . after that we project that our prospects for passage will more than likely dim somewhat. That’s reality. We have a limited window to get this through and we never told you this was going to be easy. Pace yourself and prepare for a long war.

Q. Do you really think people are going to sign-up and all wings will get populated?
Did you ever think, after the last election cycle or even before, that in our current politically polarized nation that people from all perspectives would come together and agree on anything? After seeing our membership demographics, we have renewed faith in humans and America in general and believe anything is possible. Do we think we will have some wings with absolutely zero volunteers? It’s possible, that’s what we have to find out . . . what do or don’t we have and can we fill the holes. These wings also serve to give us polling numbers in a sense to see where our strengths and weaknesses are in order to play to our strengths and recruit to cover our weaknesses.

Q. I didn’t know there were so many X, Y, Z types in this group, I’m not comfortable.
A. Start recruiting to change the group demographics and stay in your wing(s) . . . we can’t change the world, only work within reality to pass HR3149 ;-) We may try and force Cum Ba Ya feelings upon the planet as our next endeavor, but we’re going to take a long rest first. Working together with your fellow Americans for good and justice may be contagious . . . who knows?

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