Thursday, January 7, 2010

How are Activity Wings Envisioned to Function?

In brief, our wings should generally function as follows:

1) We’ll merely connect you with other members of your wing – that’s it! From there it’s just about you networking between your wing members to deliver productivity that uplifts our group at-large to get HR3149 passed NOW! (Setting up your wing, how you communicate, deciding if you make consensus decisions (BTW we wouldn’t recommend it), who does what, how you do it, do you get really inspired and create a mini-website for your wing, picket, march on Washington, get your own celebrity spokesperson, etc. is all up to you 100%! Yes, if your wing did all that we would be really surprised and it’s NOT what we’re expecting at all - just want you to understand that we’ll set no limits upon you whatsoever.

2) When and if you need us the group at-large, let us at YOUR doorway know and we’ll do the same (sharing successes and growing our collective intelligence and expertise along the way). Each wing will designate one single contact person (for us at YOUR doorway) so we’re not trying to respond to thousands of members instead of doing our job – connecting and empowering YOU!

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