Monday, January 4, 2010

Media Strategy Q&A:

Q. What is a media blitz a.k.a. outreach?
A. Just one way of many of trying to compel the media to give HR3149 some publicity.

Q. Aren't some, if not most of these outlets the same as we've used before?
A. Yes . . . but now we have more voices and it's like wearing them down. Pelting the same wall with many small stones until the wall finally falls and let's us in. The media are humans too, what happens when your child, spouse or a loved one nags you over and over? Now you have the idea ;-)

Q. One member asked, "there seems to be some hidden agenda" within the media
A. It's not hidden, here it is: If it's your inclination, call them out on it!

Q. Do you really think this is going to work?
A. It's already working from our last outreach . . . stay tuned and have some faith!

Q. The message provided seems like just a publicity stunt, why should we use it?
A. It is a publicity stunt! Again, we don’t care in the least if you choose to use another approach. We speak for no one but ourselves, however, getting attention in the media is very difficult and this approach may get attention, we obviously think it may or we wouldn’t be using it, but again, we can’t say it enough times . . . use your own judgment and voice.

Q. Why are we pushing so hard on the media?
A. The overwhelming majority of Americans support HR3149 but they simply don’t even know the legislation exists because corporate money has a gag order out and it’s currently working very well for them. We have to change that! Understand that the American media can get this legislation passed for us (if we can just compel them to cover our story) because all that needs to happen is for our fellow Americans to find out about the legislation - once that happens this legislation will be forced through Congress by the voters.

Q. Shouldn’t we be working on our local media outlets as well?
A. Absolutely! It’s easier to get local coverage and any coverage anywhere is awesome! Go for it! We’re using our group voices to swing for media homeruns because just one big hit force the rest of the media to follow along.

Q. Shouldn’t we be more reverent and humble when asking the media to help us?
A. Absolutely! If that’s what YOU think . . .

Q. Shouldn’t we be more aggressive and demanding with the media?
A. Absolutely! If that’s what YOU think . . .

Q. What if I get off our media schedule, should I send my message anyway?
A. Absolutely! Don’t stress yourself out . . . just get it done as you can fit in.

Q. If we see, hear or read about HR3149 in the media, should we let you know?
A. Absolutely! Send us a link, video, etc., then post it on our group discussion board.

Q. What if we’re contacted by someone in the media?
A. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and speak only for yourself not our group, but plug our FB URL and e-mail address if you get the chance.

Q. Isn’t all this just a little disorganized and rushed? It comes across as incoherent?
A. It is and probably will remain that way until YOU volunteer to help ;-) Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities . . . Recruiting Fatigue from the holiday season = a less than stellar, completely refined communication tone, but our strategy is solid! We’re doing the best we can for YOU!

Q. Why don’t you use your huge budget and staff to do this media outreach stuff?
A. We have neither . . . zero on both those ideas ;-) This is the real thing, “grass roots” and unprofessional . . .

Q. Why these obvious answers to such stupid questions?
A. Surly you’ve heard the adage, “there are no stupid questions,” but just in case someone invents the very first one ever in history - we can’t answer it on an individual basis. Anything is possible so we try to be prepared ;-)

Q. Some of these Qs and As are “tongue-n-cheek” aren’t they?
A. Yes, we mean no offense whatsoever . . . with 600+ members it’s difficult to keep everyone happy with tone, approach, etc., but we’re trying and listening intently! We also try to laugh a little and have some fun along the way . . . it lightens the work load ;-)

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