Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Note: Passion, Perseverance and Burn-Out

If you’ve been a member for awhile, these Activity Requests are already getting old. If you just joined . . . they will get old. You have a job, a life and a family and even though it only takes approximately 20 minutes per day, it’s 20 minutes you could use for something else. If that’s your thought, then congratulations, the enemy has you almost defeated before the war has even begun.

Did you know that during an entire lifetime the overwhelming majority of the U.S. population never once makes contact with a member of congress or the media? The majority that do bother to voice their opinions do so only once or twice and then give-up. Then they sit frustrated wondering why nothing happens?

Passage of HR3149 is a war not a single battle, but it’s a war worth fighting. Right now, it’s all up hill but will change in time because almost 90 percent of “the people” support passage. THEY JUST DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT, DID YOU? In some cases this workplace discrimination is affecting you directly and in others you just simply know workplace discrimination based upon a personal credit report is WRONG! Whatever you’re perspective, perseverance alone outweighs every other weapon we have at our disposal. Just keep tossing your few pebbles into the pond on a regular basis until we get a wave going . . . it will happen!

At the moment, you’re owned! From your personal credit report, with just a little bit of intelligence, your employer or potential employer knows virtually everything about you including all previous addresses, marital strife, what you purchase, everywhere you’ve worked, legal troubles and of course your debt load and late payments. You have zero privacy and a personal credit report is just the tip of the iceberg. None of it is any of their business whatsoever!!! It's YOUR personal credit report NOT THEIRS! If you are qualified for the job, you show up for work giving it your best shot every day and receive good evaluations . . . that's all that matters - but today, that’s not the case. In this economy, most especially, employers believe they have the right to own you and quite frankly until HR3149 is passed . . . they simply do!

Sure every day counts but if you miss a day or even a week of activity requests just pick it up again tomorrow or next week, but whatever you do, don’t ever give up the fight until we win! We just want to keep as many rocks in the air as possible until they start to topple the wall we’re up against. This is NOT easy, nor will the battle be won overnight, but it will be won if you persevere over time. Don’t ever simply give in and allow yourself to be owned because that is exactly what they want and expect you to do.

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