Sunday, January 10, 2010

Activity Requests 1 & 2 Q&A

Q. I thought we were a FB group, why are we doing this?
We’re a whatever gets the job done group and A) we’re not growing fast enough and this effort we’re confident will greatly boost our membership numbers both inside and outside of FB and B) this is a good way to begin and keep pressuring Congress by constituents (a.k.a. make some noise!). There are no magic bullets that we know of and every shot and method we have counts! Make this count by participating . . .

Q. I’m not comfortable doing this, it seems seedy and intrusive?
What’s seedy and intrusive are corporate PACs paying off Congress to stop this legislation from passing. Yes, we’d rather run a Super Bowl ad, but last time we checked they are kind of expensive ;-) When you’re a grassroots PAG with zero dollars you use anything and everything you have at your disposal and this is but one effort. Got better ideas send them along we listen, but in the meantime please cooperate by getting this effort out the door. This will work!

Q. Why are you so sure this is going to work?
A. Nothing is for sure of course. However vial e-mail campaigns when done well have been working since the cave man walked out of his cave with the fist computer . . . this is well worth your best effort! We’ll even go out on a limb and say it’s an absolute certainty to greatly boost our membership numbers without any doubts whatsoever (600+ members is just NOT large enough for success), but we also believe we’ll get a lot more than that out of your efforts. The key is 100% member participation! Without that, it definitely won’t work . . . it’s up to YOU! We can only do our part . . . if this however does NOT result in a huge increase in our membership numbers at a minimum, we’ll know that our membership didn’t participate . . . we won’t need to do any polling to figure that out. Please don’t feel any pressure ;-) or guilt . . .

Q. This is stupid . . . they are not going to post their personal credit reports online, are they?
If even one did, we would collapse and die on the spot from shock ;-) but that doesn’t mean it’s a stupid idea. This approach drives home the point real fast and personalizes it for them. Of course they will find the idea of posting their personal credit report for you to review outrageous! They will be indignant and hopefully their blood pressure will rise . . . that’s exactly what we want. If you believe that quietly standing in line, holding our hand up waiting to be called upon will get this passed . . . then use that approach. (It warms our heart to know that you exist) Every one in this group speaks for themselves as individuals, but our perspective is that “the meek shall inherit Washington” dead last after it's been plundered by corporate PACs. There is however value to what Nancy Pelosi calls “civil discourse” and we do not encourage our membership to be profane, etc. but getting attention in Washington is all up hill . . . so use your own judgment. You are a free agent!

Q. Why is the tone of your Q&As so sarcastic?
A. We are totally 110% pumped up and energized, but “perky” is just not part of our DNA and neither is patience. Everyone has their strong suits and “perky and patient” is not ours, but we’re humble and continue to search for our strong suits. BTW we could use some perky types for the front counter, volunteer! Our background is in fat M$+ advertising budgets and paid colleagues which makes this grassroots stuff formidable to us at times but FUN nonetheless. So don’t read anything into our tone . . . it’s just our nature ;-) Understand one thing, we will never say die on our group members as long as HR3149 is stalled and you are subject to this invasion of privacy and discrimination . . . on that, “you can take to the bank!” ;-) If it makes this move, a little correctly channeled anger is a good thing! Whatever works for you is fine with us . . .

Q. Why are you unable to spell, proofread, write or communicate intelligently?
A. We never had to before . . . until now we always had staff to “sweat the details.” ;-) BTW we’re still waiting on volunteers . . .

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