Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Press Release to Support YOUR Efforts

To assist with breaking through the media wall, we’ve created a press release that we will issue a day or so before you follow-up with your “cover our story” communications. Although the press release is intentionally bold and provocative, very few press releases ever get picked up by the media. Just view it as an experimental tool that if nothing else drives home our point succinctly and we believe will also grow our group numbers via getting our FB URL more exposure. Again, getting media coverage is NOT easy! It is very competitive and there are tons of “causes” out there we’re competing with. If you wish to have a copy of the press release via e-mail to include with your e-mailed media communications, simply send an e-mail to and type the words “PRESS RELEASE” in the subject line and we’ll attach a copy and send it back to you. If you wish to simply see what’s going out ahead of your efforts, click on the link below.

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