Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Activity Request: VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!

Passage of HR3149 and bills in state legislatures are just one set of tools on our path toward removing employment credit checks from the corporate bag of employment discrimination. Long in coming, we’ve now been given a new tool with which to fight back and it’s called litigation in the court system as well as suits brought by the EEOC. When you fight you fight with the weapons you have! To lay it all out, we’ll start with a suit against the University of Miami that is part of a larger effort outside of the University of Miami suit. For background on the suit, we provide the following link:

Of course if you are a member of the minority community and have been discriminated against based upon employment credit checks or know someone that has, we’d like for you to use the link below to join the suit. Just as importantly, if not more, please reach out to any member of the minority community anywhere in America that has been discriminated against based on employment credit checks and have them make contact with this NY law firm as well. The more suits we can bring, the more monetary damage and legal precedents we can deliver the greater our chances of removing employment credit reports from the corporate bag of employment discrimination tools. It’s your job to seek out and find all the litigants possible and send them the link below to join the at large pool of potential litigants. Please get this link out to everyone in America.

If you are a white American like we happen to be, we know what you’re thinking and you couldn’t be more WRONG! When our fellow Americans who are members of the minority community win this case and others to follow we all win! We’re in this together, but it’s only the minority community that are currently protected by law against employment discrimination based upon credit reports because of Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. Because black Americans and Hispanics have a far higher rate of poor credit, they can sue because employment credit checks disproportionately discriminate against them based upon their race.

We address race issues head on and don’t pull punches. Race is just part of reality. It is horribly unfair that white Americans can join this suit, but in regard to litigation within the court system we can only fight with the laws that are passed and on the books and with the exception of 4 states no laws exist to protect everyone. It sucks, it’s unfair and we’re going to change that . . . trust us!

Please do not allow race to divide all Americans impacted by employment credit checks. We’re in this fight together and based upon the laws on the books we need our fellow Americans from the minority community to take the lead. So find them, reach out to them and get the link above into their hands.

Once these suits are won by the minority community, we all win. Here’s why: now way, now how, just not possible will blacks and Hispanics be the only people excluded from employment credit checks!!!!! It’s not going to happen!!!!! Assuming that white America didn’t first take the streets in violence, the law suits based upon "reverse discrimination" will be coming out the wood work so fast and furious that every unemployed lawyer in America will suddenly have a job. Every company in America will get hammered by white Americans and the media will fan the fire to a point where companies will finally say “pulling employment credit reports on anyone of any race is just not worth the legal trouble”. . . the law suits, the outrage and the loss of revenues from “pissed off” Americans of all races that refuse to do business with companies pulling credit reports will finally turn the tide in our favor – not to mention that all this activity will drive passage of HR3149 as well.

This specific suit and all that will follow are a win for all Americans of all races!!! Do not allow division within our ranks! Stand solid with members from the minority community by encouraging them to join in the litigation.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Activity Request and Update

Where Are We and Where Do We Go From Here?

While many, if not most, political pundits would project that the November 2nd vote lessened our chances of passage of HR3149 in Congress, we see it another way. It made numbers supporting the measure and passion from those numbers far more important. We’ve been out of touch with you for about a month while we’ve been monitoring events and the new political landscape.

It quickly became obvious that nothing was going to happen during the current lame duck session of Congress simply because the agenda was way too overcrowded, so we punted on outreach efforts to Congress and will pick that effort back up after the first of the year. In the meantime, we need you to recruit new members to our group. While we are far from being alone in our fight, our group numbers count for a variety of reasons such as: 1) quick mobilization without the internal political constraints of the many organizations on board for passage and 2) a true grass roots voice of common citizens untainted by some political party agenda. With that said, however, SIZE matters. We need tens of thousands of new members in order to speak with volume when the new Congress convenes in January.

Luckily we’ve been given a great new tool to use in both recruiting and advocacy. It is a series of four separate articles that we were privileged to consult upon. Written by Brenda Krueger Huffman, a new member to our group, who opened the door on a segment of Americans with ruined credit impacted by employment credit checks to long ignored. While much coverage has been focused on the minority and lower socioeconomic aspects of the issue, this is the first series we’re aware of that has highlighted the previous upper income tier of Americans of all races that are being impacted by employment credit checks.

While we have supported our membership in the minority community with outreach efforts specifically geared toward that segment of our membership, the opportunity to highlight a far larger segment of our membership has until now been difficult. With this series of articles, we intend to both reach and call out the previous upper income segment of Americans that have been hiding in the shadows in shame. If you fall into that category, you need to realize that you’ve done nothing for yourself and our cause by lurking in the shadows due to pride. With the Great Recession all stigma to a bad credit report have been removed, but until you make your voice heard, we’ll continue to struggle with passage of legislation to remove employment credit checks from the arsenal of workplace discrimination.

Toward that end, we’d like for all our group members to distribute the entire series of articles, beginning with first one linked below, in an effort to bring more members to our group and more importantly bring more people out of the shadows.

Please share the linked article as follows with every American you know:

Within at least two of the articles, if not all, Brenda has conveniently provided a link to to our FB group, but add it as well to all your verbiage in your recruiting efforts: with a “join our FB PAG at: in addition to providing our groups e-mail address at with instructions for them to type ”sign me up” in the subject line in order to join our at large group outside of FB. We will shoot you a link to the second, third and fourth articles in the series as they become agailable. Now is the time to push hard to educate and recruit! To slightly paraphrase the words of John Paul Jones “we have just begun to fight!”

In other Employment Credit Check Discrimination News

The EEOC already has one suit under way in Baltimore in regard to employment credit checks and we’re monitoring that suit as it progresses through the courts. In addition, the EEOC recently held hearings in October in regard to employment credit checks and ALL indications are that they are taking the issue very seriously and many more suits will follow the one they have underway in Baltimore. Don't hesitate to make contact with the EEOC with even the hint of the issue employment credit checks being used against you.

Sue, Sue and Sue Some More!

Cases against the use of employment credit checks are gaining in both number and momentum all across the nation. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a related case this session and individuals across the nation are opening their own cases as well. The University of Miami is being sued and we’re awaiting word as to whether that case may give wind to a larger class action suit that we can join in so stay tuned. This could be a HUGE development!

Pay Attention to Your State

While at some point as many as 16 states have considered legislation, New Jersey, Ohio and the District of Columbia seem to be the hottest at the moment. While our limited time and resources preclude us heavily supporting legislation on a state by state basis, we will commit to act as a clearing house for amassing people to work within states and sharing general state based information on our group FB page.

Individually, we’d love to hear from all residents within North Carolina who would like to get involved with initiating a state push. If you’d like to get involved just let us know.

Just Keep Fighting!!!!

The key is to fight, fight, fight in every way, at ever level of government whether it is at the national level, the state level or in the court system. We will win this battle and every day, unfortunatly, the numbes of credit distressed Americans say we will win, but NOT if they continue to hide in the shadows. Stand up, be proud, be strong and fight like hell for your right to work free from workplace discrimination. We will not be starved by the profits and greed of the big three credit bureaus and the politicans they have bought off and bribed.