Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Activity Request: VERY, VERY IMPORTANT!

Passage of HR3149 and bills in state legislatures are just one set of tools on our path toward removing employment credit checks from the corporate bag of employment discrimination. Long in coming, we’ve now been given a new tool with which to fight back and it’s called litigation in the court system as well as suits brought by the EEOC. When you fight you fight with the weapons you have! To lay it all out, we’ll start with a suit against the University of Miami that is part of a larger effort outside of the University of Miami suit. For background on the suit, we provide the following link:

Of course if you are a member of the minority community and have been discriminated against based upon employment credit checks or know someone that has, we’d like for you to use the link below to join the suit. Just as importantly, if not more, please reach out to any member of the minority community anywhere in America that has been discriminated against based on employment credit checks and have them make contact with this NY law firm as well. The more suits we can bring, the more monetary damage and legal precedents we can deliver the greater our chances of removing employment credit reports from the corporate bag of employment discrimination tools. It’s your job to seek out and find all the litigants possible and send them the link below to join the at large pool of potential litigants. Please get this link out to everyone in America.

If you are a white American like we happen to be, we know what you’re thinking and you couldn’t be more WRONG! When our fellow Americans who are members of the minority community win this case and others to follow we all win! We’re in this together, but it’s only the minority community that are currently protected by law against employment discrimination based upon credit reports because of Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits discrimination on the basis of race. Because black Americans and Hispanics have a far higher rate of poor credit, they can sue because employment credit checks disproportionately discriminate against them based upon their race.

We address race issues head on and don’t pull punches. Race is just part of reality. It is horribly unfair that white Americans can join this suit, but in regard to litigation within the court system we can only fight with the laws that are passed and on the books and with the exception of 4 states no laws exist to protect everyone. It sucks, it’s unfair and we’re going to change that . . . trust us!

Please do not allow race to divide all Americans impacted by employment credit checks. We’re in this fight together and based upon the laws on the books we need our fellow Americans from the minority community to take the lead. So find them, reach out to them and get the link above into their hands.

Once these suits are won by the minority community, we all win. Here’s why: now way, now how, just not possible will blacks and Hispanics be the only people excluded from employment credit checks!!!!! It’s not going to happen!!!!! Assuming that white America didn’t first take the streets in violence, the law suits based upon "reverse discrimination" will be coming out the wood work so fast and furious that every unemployed lawyer in America will suddenly have a job. Every company in America will get hammered by white Americans and the media will fan the fire to a point where companies will finally say “pulling employment credit reports on anyone of any race is just not worth the legal trouble”. . . the law suits, the outrage and the loss of revenues from “pissed off” Americans of all races that refuse to do business with companies pulling credit reports will finally turn the tide in our favor – not to mention that all this activity will drive passage of HR3149 as well.

This specific suit and all that will follow are a win for all Americans of all races!!! Do not allow division within our ranks! Stand solid with members from the minority community by encouraging them to join in the litigation.


  1. I do not live in Miami, but if I did I would sigh up in a heart beat. Credit checks and other tools in an employee arsenal usage keeps the unfortunate circumstance people from getting jobs. purposely picking and choosing not for the better worker but the one with the lease and of color to not be able to get the job advertised. After an employee have been on a job no one have the rights to keep looking into our records. This is discrimination and should be against the law.

  2. You do NOT have to live in Miami!!!!! Read the sign-up sheet provided in the link. They want people everywhere to contact them if they have been a victim.

  3. It is not only Blacks, Hispanics, and minorities that are being discriminated against. I stayed home with the kids, ended up getting a divorce just as I was getting a degree. Finished my degree and now can't get any job because of my credit rating which was tied to my ex. (Our house got foreclosed) That in turn made me not able to pay my student loans. I can't even get to the interview stage most of the time so it is hard to prove. But a couple of times I got positive feedback on an interview and told they would call me back and never did.

  4. There are a lot of workplace training online that every business establishment should give to their employees as well as make sure to solve such problems inside work places where sometimes, discrimination are present.