Sunday, January 17, 2010

Activity Request(s): Thursday

Contact YOUR Representative(s) on the Fianancial Services Committee

See if YOUR Representative is on the Financial Services Committee, search by State and District (via the link below) and if you find them, shoot them an e-mail and then telephone every number available.

Use the link below to search and see if YOUR State Rep. is on this committee.

You’ll need to have your full 9 digit zip code handy. Use the following link to look it up if you don’t already know it.

If you find them, express the following by phone and write them:

[Sample Letter to YOUR Representative on the House Financial Services Committee]

Before I begin, let’s see if I have the story straight . . . we the American taxpayer bail out your fellow millionaires on Wall Street who’s GREED destroyed both the economy our credit reports. They in turn, in just the top 6 banks alone, are rewarded for their unhinged GREED with $150+ billion in bonuses. Then we the taxpayer who lent them the money to save their jobs – get locked out of the workplace because of our poor credit reports (destroyed by the bad economy they created). Then as if this obvious class injustice were not enough to leave us feeling raw, chaffed and tender – YOU the Financial Services Committee bring in the Wall Street guys for a sham investigation on bonuses. All the while HR3149 sits stalled in your committee.

I know the corporate heads, their lobbyists, Wall Street and the bankers are your good friends and fellow millionaires and I’m just your mere constituent – but even so, this exchange just doesn’t seem quite fair and equitable. I also know you’ve been really busy, working on health care reform 24/7 (because your staff gives me the same old line every time I call or write). So I’ve condensed the news you’ve been missing into numbers and bullet points for a quick read. Just trying to help . . .

* The economy has lost more than 7.2 million jobs since this recession began, 2 + million just since May
* For each rare job opening that does exist, an average of 6 humans vie for that one position with 15.3 million humans being unemployed
* 1.4 million bankruptcies were filed in 2009 and the number just keeps growing
* More than 20 million Americans received unemployment compensation in 2009 and BTW unemployment benefits don’t fix a damaged credit report
* Between 3 and 3.5 million more homes will enter foreclosure this year

Even though in Washington these look like just numbers - they’re NOT! These are human beings in your district! Proud Americans that just want to work, aren’t looking for a bailout, charity or another stiimulus plan. We just simply want the right to work, that’s it! Even most HR professionals now freely admit (off the record of course) that discrimination via credit reports is just their convenient hatchet tool to quickly slice down their huge applicant pool and work load. It gets them out of the office at 5 sharp!

Why is it then that Congress and in particular your House Financial Services Committee just continues to stall HR3149 – as millions of American heads continue to fall from the corporate guillotines. A personal credit report was never intended as a convenient workplace hatchet blade. What’s more, a personal credit report has never been the least bit indicative of employment performance, worthiness or human character. Nevertheless to use it NOW, at a dramatically increasing rate, is just cruel, unjust and absolutely reprehensible! Are we proud Americans expected to “eat cake” while your fellow millionaires on Wall Street collect billions in bonus money?

Upwards of 90% of the American people (your constituents like me) agree that at a time like this, most especially, that someone’s personal credit report has zero bearing on their employment qualifications. Yet you continue to try and keep the legislation stalled in committee so your fellow millionaires can keep their boot on the throat of the American workforce. Such clear and undeniable class discrimination will NOT go unpunished. November will be here soon.

[End Sample Letter]

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