Saturday, January 30, 2010

Media, Media, Media!!!

Passage of HR3149 is not a pie in the sky unachievable pipe dream. It is achievable and within our grasp but we only have a narrow window of time in which to succeed. That means that if we want passage, we’re going to have to work for it. The next few weeks or more (subject to change) we’re going to use our collective force to push hard for some coverage from the media. HR3149 is just NOT getting coverage beyond some small niche publications and that MUST change. It can be extremely difficult to get media attention and we have the added handicap of corporations simply not wanting this story to get out. (When it does get out, they know the public will push it through in a NY minute.) Why media coverage is difficult can be summed up with the answer to one question, 'Who owns the media?' Answer: corporations. Nonetheless, we will break through but only with a concerted, never say die attitude that is absolutely relentless. Reporters want to cover our story, but they are being held back by the ultimate form of “blackmail” . . . a regular paycheck. While that may make you question the concept of a “free press,” we can’t change reality, but instead must simply realize that we have a formidable obstacle that we must overcome via relentless tenacity.

[TALK RADIO: Input from our members needed on good talk radio outlets to pitch. If you’re a talk radio aficionado or just a fan please give us some input on who and where to pitch our story. We’re looking primarily for a national audience but may also consider major metropolitan markets as well. Please share . . . ]

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  1. This act will improve our economy in many ways it will releive the anxiety the working people have by giving them some protection working people who have less anxiety do better in society as a whole thus helping all decrease in crime decrease in depression ect. just my thought