Thursday, January 7, 2010

Current Wing Needs – Pick One and Take Flight!

Capitol Hill Insiders: Got experience, connections, unique insights (based upon actual experience - not opinions), worked on a campaign before, have open doors on The Hill, relationships and political connections? While there is much actual work to be done, we on this end need you as a sounding board to ensure our at-large member activities are intelligent and every shot counts. Your value to our at-large group is HUGE and highly critical for success. We need YOU! [For this wing only, please forward a short, rough, general background overview specific to this function]

Civil Rights Activists: Probe, uncover and motivate this huge powerful network of activists and groups to work for the passage of HR3149. At present we believe that these avenues are largely asleep at the wheel, napping and complacent. We must give these groups and activists’ channels a MAJOR wake-up call and we need YOU to make that happen.

Union & Labor Activists: If there is any group that knows how to organize and deliver workplace justice - it’s YOU! Put those skills and unity to work for our group at-large and bring in your local membership and your parent unions to swell our numbers and force your top brass to work in Washington for passage of HR3149 NOW!

Bloggers (Left or Right – designate one at sign-up): Your function is pretty self explanatory. We desperately need that FREE (absolutely HUGE!) blogger network to WORK on our behalf to promote our group and more importantly push for passage of HR3149 NOW! Whether you’re a blog writer or mere reader and contributor we need YOU! We simply can’t get our hands around a network that massive without your help.

Talk Radio (Left or Right – designate one at sign-up): Get them talking about HR3149 and let us know how we the group at-large can help - who and how we need to push. Keep us posted on successes, allies and enemies.

Communicators: Professional communicators, journalists, editors, writers, media buyers, etc. we need your expertise, channels and some light work on occasion.

Students: Talk about an untapped natural resource. According to the political pundits, you guys got Obama elected (Passing HR3149 is easy by comparison!) You know Facebook and social networking inside and out - the rest of us are just interlopers on your turf. Please show us how it’s done. We need your energy!

Look at it this way: while your keen sense of what’s right and JUST SIMPLY WRONG should compel your assistance; YOU will soon have those student loans coming due and probably already have credit card debt. That means you do or will desperately need to work! Ensure that you and all generations to follow have that right by applying your high energy level, your expertise and your social networking skills for HR3149 passage.

Specialized Head Hunters: While all members are strongly encouraged to keep recruiting members at all times, we will need specific outreach and recruitment efforts in certain voting districts to pressure via constituencies – the strongest force available. (Example, we currently need constituent members from Barney Frank’s district.)

State by State: We need representation in each state to bring us knowledge on your state’s members of Congress. Where do they stand? What are they doing, or not doing to pass HR3149? What recruiting efforts in your state need to be pursued to shore up our membership in your state, etc.?

Geek Wing: (To include FB geniuses, webmasters, programmers, etc.) No budget, grass roots politics requires innovation, the maximum use of free technology avenues and some creativity. This wing will serve primarily as advisors on “what if” and “how to” with no dollars. A little work may be involved on occasion, but nothing backbreaking.

Administrative Wing: Help us get and keep it together via inside admin access, pseudo-data base creation, manipulation, sorting, etc. for e-mail outreach efforts, etc.

Political Parties (listed in alphabetical order of course)

If you’re a proud member of one of the big two political parties, are connected, or just prefer to work with your own kind exclusively (a.k.a. “don’t play well with others”) then this wing is for YOU. Think your party is so great and working hard to pass HR3149? Where is the evidence? Sure there is some tacit support within the Democratic Party by some individual members of Congress, but it’s all lukewarm at best and we demand raging hot! It’s time for YOUR party members to step up to the plate and be counted as either “for” or “against” HR3149 and be held accountable. No more taking the corporate PAC money and stalling!

We at YOUR group doorway believe that virtually no one in Congress in any party is performing up to par for passage of HR3149. We also believe that it’s due to the corporate PACs stuffing MONEY into their pockets and daring them to support the legislation. Think YOUR party isn’t guilty? Then step up, get involved and prove us wrong! So far, we’re NOT IMPRESSED!




The above Activity Wings are just what we foresee at the moment as critical to our success. If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them . . . it’s YOUR group. We’re pushovers for any activity wing that uplifts the whole and more importantly gets HR3149 passed NOW! Pitch us with an idea for a wing and we’ll see if our membership supports the idea by joining you. It’s pretty much just that simple.

In closing please give the above Activity Wings some serious consideration and sign-up by sending us a message with the name of the wing you wish to be networked into - prominently displayed in the subject line (for easy, quick reference) and we’ll connect you. This is a great way to make new friends from all across America or within your home state with whom you already have a common interest and passion.


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