Friday, January 22, 2010

Activity Requests: Thursday (Proud Democrats and Republicans)

Wave YOUR Party Flag

While we on this end have definite opinions on both parties we’re NOT going to express them to our members. That we believe would compromise our non-partisan role as a mere facilitator to deliver your diverse voices speaking at once for more volume. Therefore, while we will communicate with both parties via the links below on our own, we cannot provide you with any sample letters. What we can provide you with are the facts and the damages and simply allow you to interpret them within the context of your party in order to write your letters.

First the Damages
* The economy has lost more than 7.2 million jobs since this recession began, 2 + million just since May
* For each rare job opening that does exist, an average of 6 humans vie for that one position with 15.3 million humans being unemployed
* 1.4 million bankruptcies were filed in 2009 and the number just keeps growing
* More than 20 million Americans received unemployment compensation in 2009 and BTW unemployment benefits don’t fix a damaged credit report
* Between 3 and 3.5 million more homes will enter foreclosure this year

The Facts
* There is no doubt whatsoever that the legislation is being stalled by some force or combination of forces and we can only deduct from the money trail that it is the corporate and big three credit bureau PACs and lobbyists. See following link for registered HR3149 lobbyists

* The smoke screen that the legislation is being held up by the health care debate is a total and complete ruse upon “the people” and an insult to our intelligence and that is beyond any debate. It’s a Washington game and so far we’re loosing!

* We know that Representative Barney Frank, a Democrat, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee where the legislation is stalled took $25 K in PAC money from the big three credit bureaus (who make millions off selling your credit report) during his last election cycle. He was the largest recipient of money from the big three. In total PAC money he took $314 K, see following for the complete list of his corporate contributors

* We also know that two of the big three via PACs spread a lot of other money around in Congress, see links below (start looking for your representatives for future reference):



* We also know that millions and millions of other corporate PAC money is contributed throughout Congress. How much? You don’t want to know ;-) If you really want us to look for it we’ll find it and send it to you . . . just shoot us a note. We’ll try to cover our eyes.

* We know the Republicans held the reins of power at the beginning of the economic melt down and that the Democrats were swept into power with a promise of “change we can believe in.”

* We know that both parties were deeply involved in the almost $1 trillion bailout of Wall Street that resulted in them being rewarded for their greed with billions in bonuses while “the people” have been rewarded with a ruined economy and personal credit reports

* There is currently a multi-billion dollar so called “jobs bill” currently being debated in the Senate. There is no mention whatsoever of HR3149 within the discussion. If HR3149 is not about jobs, then what the ________ is?

* The almost $1 trillion dollar stimulus package passed in January is by most assessments not creating the number of jobs projected and some, but not us, are calling it a “dismal failure.” The point is not to debate its success or failure, but instead to point out that HR3149 doesn’t cost the U.S. taxpayer one single penny nor does it add one single penny to the ballooning Federal deficit. Makes you wonder how and why HR3149 has been stalled since July but the stimulus package that cost a trillion passed almost overnight. If nothing else that fact should clearly confirm for you that the bill is being purposely stalled.

The Rest is Up to YOU
Those are the basic damages and facts and now it’s up to you to interpret their meaning within the context of YOUR party and deliver whatever letter and message you feel is appropriate. (How’s that for not stepping on any party toes a.k.a. non-partisan ;-)

HR3149 is of the people, for the people and a populist agenda all the way! We will tolerate no party aisles, nor hiding behind any “simply voting with my party” games. Any member of Congress that dares to stand against this legislation, we’re going after them with their home constituents in their home media outlets with everything we can muster. I suggest you add that caveat to your letter. They either stand with us, or they stand with the bonus babies on Wall Street they bailed out with our tax money. Ask them how they think that will play to “the home town folks” across their district? ;-)

The corporate PACs and their paid minions (a.k.a. lobbyists) are playing hardball and we’re going to crush them under the boot of “the people” for a change. It’s called democracy by the people instead of the American elite! It’s a new concept we’re introducing to Washington.

WRONG is WRONG and it’s sure no “party” for those Americans being impacted, so make your voice heard loudly within your party via one or both links below and beyond.

Proud Democrats

Tim Kane, Chairman FB Page

Proud Republicans

Michael Steele, Chairman, FB Page

Please Keep Us Posted on What You Learn
In closing, members of both parties, please provide us with the best and most efficient ways to connect with your parties going forward as well as information on what they are up to in regard to passage of HR3149. The more we learn together, the better we’ll get at what we’re trying to accomplish and we simply can’t do it all without your help. So thanks in advance for all the vital information you’re going to collect and send back.

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