Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Outreach to Groups: A How To Guide

Growing via outreach efforts to other groups inside and outside of FB is the single most valuable tool we have to deliver huge growth spikes in our membership numbers (besides perhaps the media plugging our FB URL or e-mail address). While we're pleased to already have many groups on board, we need all we can get as quickly as possible. The downside to this type of effort is that it’s more difficult to achieve and takes longer to see the fruits of your work. While it's important to maintain a healthy balance between individuals and group recruitment – we cannot ignore the huge potential benefits of growth via other groups. With no money, passing HR3149 for us is a numbers game so we must win with numbers! As follows are some logical steps and a general how to guide to gain support from other groups both inside and outside FB:

* Start with what you know - groups and organizations you’re already a member of are the easiest because YOU have clout within that group and are trusted. Once you've exhaused the groups you're a member of,
expand out from there (in FB contact the admins, officers and members). Shoot an arrow in any direction and you just can’t miss! We're a nation of groups, organizations and causes and the well will never run dry.

* Use your intuition and logic 101 to select groups that will learn toward supporting HR3149 (or if you like a real challenge try the yacht club)

* Political type groups in general (or those with political arms) are probably the best, however, don’t forget that 90% of Americans support our cause and at least 25% will join our group with one single exposure - we just have to get our foot in the door. (Anyone within a FB group that can hit the “message all members” button within any FB group will work, or outside of FB via blogs, newsletters, etc.)

* Explain that we have no hidden agenda whatsoever. We’re not controversial, we’re 100% non-partisan and we just want justice for a qualified American workforce that desperately wants to work! We’re funded by no individual, party or special interest group whatsoever.

* Our group ONLY delivers VOLUME and encourages every member to speak their own mind from their own perspectives. We in turn never speak for any member group or our membership at large.

Nothing worth achieving comes easy and growing via group outreach is no exception, so let’s get started NOW!

Sample Outreach to Groups Message (edit and modify as YOU deem appropriate):

SUBJECT: Help Us Help Your (Members, Community, etc.) by Passing H.R.3149 NOW!

We’re a non-partisan, grassroots Political Action Group (PAG) dedicated solely to one single goal and mission: passing H.R.3149: The Equal Employment for All Act NOW! In short, the legislation would make it illegal for employers to access and use personal credit reports as criteria for hiring and firing. We believe this employer discrimination practice and gross invasion of privacy - that cuts across the entire white and blue collar employment segments - constitutes the single most important workplace issue in America today. This is most especially true during this, the worst economy since the Great Depression! When you deny a well qualified human being the right to work in America – you violate the core principals of justice set down by our founding fathers and prevent millions and millions of Americans from affording food and shelter . . . the basic requirements to sustain life.

Without passage of H.R3149 there is simply no way out of the horrible cycle of . . . no job = bad credit and bad credit = no job. Employers today are forcing almost half of “blue collar” job applicants and more than 80 percent of “white collar” job applicants to turn over their personal credit report. The credit reports are being used as the first cut in the screening and hiring process and believe it or not - the percentage of employers using this discriminatory practice is rising rapidly. Why, because pulling a credit report is more inexpensive than allocating the man hours to actually evaluate applicants based on qualifications . . . it other words, using credit reports to indiscriminately discriminate, cuts their job down to size. H.R. gets their paycheck and are always the last to go . . .

This practice constitutes a modern day debtor’s prison where millions of Americans are relegated to a lifetime of under-employment at best with no hope whatsoever of ever working their way out debt or improving their credit report.

It’s un-American to brand someone for life and lock out a highly qualified worker from the workplace. Nonetheless, it’s happening right here in America and without your help, we cannot generate the number of citizen voices necessary to force passage of the legislation. Because we know you believe in justice for all Americans, we’re including the following easy ways that you can help . . .

1) Simply join our FB group at: which will validate our cause within your membership group.

2) Send a one time outreach message (in your own words) to your membership that simply makes them aware our group and plight exists. They if they with, they can join on Facebook at or sign-up as an at-large member via e-mail at . (If they sign up for our at-large H.R.3149 group, please have them simply write, “Add me to your mailing list” in the subject line.) WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR YOU TO ENDORSE US, just give us exposure to your group via a FB message to your members or wall posting, e-mail, newsletter, blog mention or any means possible. During this horrible economic disaster, is that too much to ask?

3) In the event that #2 above does NOT work for your group for internal “political” reasons, by-laws, etc., then by being a member you will receive our periodic action requests and can simply edit to fit within your comfort zone and disseminate to your membership. You'll also be able to clearly evaluate that we're not radical or party partisan.

4) Use your local, state and national network and political influence to publicize H.R.3149 and whenever possible through political connections to deliver pressure upon our nation’s political elite to make them listen to the people for a change – instead of lobbyists and corporate political PACs by passing H.R.3149 NOW!

We’re wonderful for any group of any nature to work with . . . here’s why (nothing politically sticky):

[insert bullet points from above and edit them for your needs]

If more information is required, please do not hesitate to make contact and we will follow-up at our earliest convenience. Otherwise, please join our H.R.3149 PAG and contribute in any way that you can . . . your community will be glad you did when we pass H.R.3149 and STOP the discrimination and gross invasion of privacy that is occurring during the worst economic disaster since The Great Depression. It’s un-American and we will NO LONGER tolerate this INJUSTICE!

Thank you in advance for your support in resolving this critical workplace issue.

Some information links to get you oriented and up to speed are as follows:

Bla, bla, bla, bla . . . YES, this version is way, way, way too long!!!!!!! It's redundant and probably even poorly written in spots. We weren't trying to win a literary award ;-) This is just to give you a starter tool to personalize, create something that meets your needs, tastes, etc. (Toss the whole thing out the window, our feelings will not be hurt.) We’re just trying to make this easy and fast for YOU!

Shorter is much, much better, in general, but you’ll have to do some convincing so we gave you the full package (don't blow yourself up). Using all the above is major over-kill . . . edit and shorten for your needs. PLEASE!

PS Always run a spelling and grammar check on any verbiage we send you - trust your sofware, not us ;-) we're working at warp speed . . . with no qualified staffing . . . we couldn't find anyone with good credit ;-) and the pay is horrible!

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