Friday, December 18, 2009

FB PAG New Member Orientation - HR3149

Welcome to our H.R.3149 Political Action Group

We’re pleased that you made the decision to join our team. We’re a 100% non-partisan group with a huge tent under which all can easily fit because we’re committed to one single goal, the passage of H.R.3149: The Equal Employment for All Act as fast as possible! Our group's wide-ranging diversity that includes every political party and perspective is our greatest strength. Virtually everyone agrees that employment discrimination based on a person's credit report is just simply wrong! Let's always keep that in mind and use it as our unifying force for justice.

While we pledge to keep you informed, we do not intend to inundate you with tons of messages (however, FB presents obstacles) or require a lot of effort on your part.

Unlike most FB groups, even those politically oriented, we're a work group. Simply joining our group, even though we've pleased to have you on board, get's virtually nothing accomplished. So basically, you’ll only be asked to perform two critical membership roles:

1) Acting in concert with your fellow members you'll be asked to participate in Activity Requests to contact members of Congress, the media and influential parties to push for passage. Full participation gives your individual voice more volume and well as delivers volume for our group at large.

2) Most important at this critical juncture - RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT every single new member possible as fast as possible and ask them to join our group on FB or join our external (outside of FB) e-mail group. It’s critical to our ultimate mission of passing H.R.3149 that we gain as many members as fast as possible. Only with huge numbers will we have the clout and the power to force Congress to pass this legislation.

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