Thursday, November 12, 2009

Basics of the Pending Bill and Critical Statistics

H.R. 3149: The Equal Employment for All Act would make it illegal for any employer in America to access and utilize your credit report for hiring, termination or promotion decisions. The basic exceptions are as follows:

* When the consumer applies for, or currently holds national security or FDIC clearance.

* When the consumer applies for, or currently holds, employment with a State or
local government agency which otherwise requires use of a consumer report.

* When the consumer applies for, or currently holds, a supervisory professional, or executive position within a financial institution.

* When otherwise is required by law

While the bulleted exceptions above represent less than 1% of the entire U.S. workfore, presently as high as 90% of white collar workers and well over 40% of blue collar workers are having their privacy violated and are subject to discrimination of the basis of being forced to submit to a review of their credit report when applying for a job. It is a fact that 75% of all credit reports contain errors and if discovered can take months if not years to correct.

Video of Bill Introduction in July '09


  1. I do not know who cares, but alot of people are out of work and being denied jobs due to credit bureau discrimination. I have a low credit rating due to unemployment and family illness, but this does not make me a convicted felon. I cannot help a low credit rating and neither can most of you. Please fight till we win!!

  2. I agree, especially with the greatest recession in decades and the credit & housing crisis as well. With small business closures and corporation lay offs it makes it extremely difficult to maintain a decent credit score or make mortgage payments etc.
    I would like to publish all the Congress & House of Representative members credit information as well there tax evasion records with their criminal behavior.

  3. Due to the sub prime loan issue and all the insurance cost going up in Florida, so many people had to walk away from their homes. The economy crashed here in Florida and my husbands jobs was affected. He was in home remodeling. His income went to nothing for months on in. Our savings were eaten up just trying to pay the bills. I worked but only made enough to pay the essentials such as electric and water and food and his car payment. In no time we were in foreclosure. He looked for work and applied for so many jobs but nothing. The economy had crashed and companies were not hiring. Soon came that the credit card bills got behind. Took us 2 years working with the Bank that only kept us on a every 3 month payment deal and then reevaluated if they would continue to give us more chances.We realized all they were doing was bring us deeper in debt. So my husband told them if they don't restructure our loan then come get the house. We were done. Immediately the restructured because they didn't want the house. They were sucking up that money Obama was giving them plus getting the money they got out of us. My husband died less then a year later. We were going to have to face bankruptcy and he had been collect records for the lawyer when he passed.I didn't tell you a month after he died I was laid off due to the economy. For months I searched for work with no luck. My credit is shot and I can't find a job. Foreclosures and collects don't get reported on if you pay them for seven years.