Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bill is Currently Stalled in Committee

Sitting on the bill are the Chair and ranking members (above) of House Committee on Financial Services: (L-R) Alder, Akerman, Spenser and Frank

"We the People" are NOT being heard and are being placed behind special interest groups and the high powered lobby in Washington. The bill was introduced in July and is just sitting in the Financial Services Committee gathering dust while the American worker is having their right to privacy violated and being discriminated against via the use of credit reports while seeking to become re-employed during the most horrible economic catastrophy since the Great Depression. While each and every U.S. Senator is making $170 K per year and will continue to make that for the rest of their life, "we the people" are losing our homes, 1 in 4 children and 50 M Americans starving, our savings are being depleted and we'll have to work the rest of our lives just becasue we cannot become gainfully re-employed due to discrimination and invasion of our privacy by use of our credit reports for hiring and promoting purposes.

This is immoral and a violation of our Constitutional rights as citizens. Contact every single member of the Financial Services Committee
TODAY and DEMAND they start earning their pay by responding to "we the people" by passing H.R. 3149: The Equal Employment for All Act out of committee and bring it to a vote in the House NOW!


  1. I have been turned down for two jobs because of what JP Morgan Chase did to my credit report....My story............

    After being laid off, I could no longer afford my mortgage payment. I did not want a foreclosure to occur so I tried to do the right thing and located a realtor and an attorney to work with to help facilitate a short sale. I have brought four different buyers to the lenders. These buyers were pre-approved and ready to close. Every time we got close to closing, the lenders would kill the deal. They should be on their knees, kissing my ass, thanking me for finding them even one buyer in this horrible economy and even worse real estate sector, let alone four. J.P. Morgan and Bank of America have lied, manipulated, and jerked us around for over a year. These two scumbag, lying, dirty banks make my skin crawl and make me want to vomit my stomach contents. One bank representative even told me that “They were going to ruin my credit and destroy my life for putting them in this position.” I put them in this position????? I had an 804 FICO Score before I was laid off. I had a 30 year low rate fixed mortgage. I did everything right. These criminals, who should be in prison for their fraudulent activities, now get 7 figure bonuses as rewards. Not to forget, these criminals had their hat-in-hand begging the government for a handout of billions of yours and mine tax dollars. Let’s have a brief history listen. The bulge bracket firms on Wall Street are the DIRECT CAUSE of the great recession. They are the ones who bought the crap sub-prime loans, replenished the coffers of fly by night lenders, sliced and diced them, re-named and re-packaged them as Mortgage Backed Securities, coerced and blackmailed the ratings agencies to give them triple AAA credit ratings, and then sold these garbage investment vehicles around the world knowing full well the whole time this was a scam. These banks perpetrated the largest fraud known to mankind. They systemically brought down not only the U.S. economy but also the global economy. Countries such as Iceland have collapsed because they believed the lies that the thieves on Wall Street fed them and over levered themselves to buy RMBS investments. And now that the real estate bubble has collapsed, and these thieves cannot milk anymore revenue from the RMBS fraud, they are trying to create revenue on the backside by destroying the middle class and people’s lives, including mine. I have lost everything. I am three months from being homeless and living in my truck. I don’t have a ten million dollar mansion like Richard Fuld (Former Lehman Brothers CEO) to go home to or hundreds of millions of dollars in savings. The only way an individual can let their anger known is by exercising freedom of choice. BOYCOTT these scumbag criminal organizations masquerading as banks and take your business elsewhere. They are a disgrace to America.

  2. This is an invasion of a humans right to privacy and should be killed immediately. I am surprised it was ever allowed to happen in the first place. We need hard workl and dedication to drive the hiring process. Not "tools" that contain flaws.