Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barney Frank Nabbed in Pay-to-Play Scheme

To be "frank" he's not nabbed yet . . . that's why your action is required NOW to bring him to "justice." As noted in previous blog entries, H.R.3149: The Equal Employment for All Act was introduced to House committee way back in July but has since languished even though "we the people" to the tune of 17.5% (60 M) unemployed Americans desperately need its passage NOW! As Chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank holds sway on all bills either stalling or moving forward. If he says "no go" nothing moves!

Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the top three credit reporting agencies in America. All three profit wildly to the tune of millions of dollars each year by issuing credit reports on job applicants to employers for the purpose of pre-employment screening (a.k.a. job discrimination and invasion of privacy). As you might expect, Experian is a registered lobbyist in regard to H.R.3149 and we can safely assume since they're making millions on issuing bogus credit reports of which 75% of them contain incorrect information, they are lobbying heavily against passage of H.R.3149.

While it's a given that "we the people" no longer have a voice in Washington, D.C. since we don't have lobbyists working on our behalf, what's surprising even in this current horribly corrupt political environment is the obvious "pay-to-play" exchange taking place between Barney Frank and Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Each of these top three credit reporting companies have political action committees known as PACs (a.k.a. Packing Away Cash to buy votes and influence) and in the campaign year '07-'08 the maximum that two of the three contributed to any one campaign was $10 K with Experian contributing $5 K. Guess who pulled the lever for the big "cha-ching" of $25 K being contributed toward their re-election campaign? None other than one Barney Frank! (The same guy that got us into this horrible recession via pushing the banking industry to make loans to financially unqualified borrowers via Freddie and Fannie Mac)

Being lowly citizen taxpayers, we certainly wouldn't insinuate that such an esteemed politician a Mr. Frank would openly engage in a "pay-for-play" $25 K exchange with the big three credit reporting agencies to stand upon H.R.3149 from being moved forward out of committee. We freely admit to being ignorant citizens who don't fully understand the political process and how it works on our behalf.

We simply beg with all humility that you forward this blog entry to all your fellow citizens and every media outlet you can find to help educate them on the political process and how it's working so swell on our behalf. Once we're all better educated on how the political process works in Washington, D.C. and how we 60 M unemployed Americans are benefiting by having H.R.3149 stalled in committee, we'll all be better U.S. citizens and learn to love America even more than we already do. Since none of us are working and able to become re-employed because of discrimination via the unfair use of our credit reports, we all have plenty of time to become more enlightened. We can all thank Barney Frank for both the recession along with the loss of our jobs and ensuring that we all remain unemployed. As Barney would say, "Let them eat cake!"

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  1. What has to happen? I have heard of people talking of not just marches on wall street but looting and rioting Wall street. If this type of corruption and abuse keeps going people will start doing going crazy. Who can we depend on?