Sunday, April 11, 2010

Think Small and We'll Become Huge!

We know that you get the undeniable fact that without huge numbers of Americans pushing for passage of HR3149 it’s simply not going to happen. We think that perhaps by constantly pointing that out – that we’ve missed the mark somehow by focusing on the forest (the big) and not the trees (individual members). With 2,100+ members we now have a base large enough to explode our membership into a huge number, but it can only be done on an individual level. On average 10 FB contacts = 3 new group members which seems insignificant at first, but when you consider that those 3 members actually on average = 9 new members and that 9 = 27 and that 27 = 81 and that 81 = 243 and that 243 = 729 new members – your 3 new members contributed a huge number to our membership. This exponential growth example is very conservative based upon what we already know and have measured. The actual impact at this stage is a much higher number. Just like you, we on this end can only do our small part, but the time has come that numbers becomes Priority 1 and stays Priority 1 because without numbers HR3149 is simply not going to happen . . . Linked below is our ROAR (Reach Out And Recruit) kit and information on how to do group outreach. Simply do your SMALL part and you’ll unlock the growth obstacle.


Group Outreach: A How to Guide

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