Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Horror Stories Just Keep Coming In . . . Add Yours

"I have over 18 years of accounting experience, BS in Management and Accounting, and working on my MBA, but becuase I have a BK in my past, I am unemployed and have been since Sept having to move my family to TX and still no job. I don't even know if I can get a job making minimum wages at Walmart. The bill is a must!!!!!"
. . .

"I have 33 years of accounting and over 25 years of HR experience and have been turned down five times in the last year because of a BK (which we had to do becuase of a foreclosure). My husband's company closed down in Sept and we are both out of work. Without this bill passing, we will not be able to find employment for the next 5 years. So what are we to do? Remain on unemployment and then go on welfare? This is nuts! This bill must pass!"

. . .

"I have over 25 years in the electronics industry, & over a decade in the customer service/hospitality industries. I became unemployed in May 2009 & have been without work since. Naturally, no $$ coming in so no $$ going out as I was denied benefits. The credit bureaus have wrangled their propaganda to brainwash the companies into believing they need this worthless info all the while making them richer. I can't tell you all the jobs I have been turned down for since my credit tanked. Never had this problem all of my 38+ years of working. I even got turned down for a Telemarketing fund raising job. This is insane what they are doing. This bill has got to pass!"

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"20 years in marketing and PR, used to make well over 6 figures and now I'm not allowed to even work? Congress works on HC for over a year as the people starve with no protection from workplace discrimination? HC doesn't fix starvation last time I checked. Obama has his head up his legacy and could care less about "the people, it's all about Obama only! If he cared he would have gotten behind HR3149."

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