Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PROJECT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: State Database for Newspaper Contacts

We currently have our newspaper database e-mail project launched and moving forward in NC, NV, OH, MD and VA but we need to get the project launched in the other 42 states help compiling. If you don’t volunteer, your state will get missed . . . all we need is at least 2 volunteers for each state, more than 2 for each state is far better because it reduces the work load for each volunteer. In most state without at least 2 volunteers from your state, we won’t even launch the database project for your state. There is no staff on this end, you’re it! It’s called grassroots activism for a reason. If you don’t do it, it simply doesn’t get done, that simple. We just need to get it accomplished over a period of several weeks if possible. Just let us know if you’re willing to work on the project for your state and we’ll split up the workload based upon how many volunteers we receive for your state. You won’t be contacted until we have enough volunteers from your state.

Upon completion of the project, we’ll have a contact database to use to support the cause from this end with press releases, stories, data, information, legislation status, etc. (and as we continue to keep our story in the press, you'll be able to use the complete list as well.) That way, each state gets our support from this end. Without the database your state gets left out, that simple . . . it’s not going to happen without YOU.

Basically, you would be assigned letters A through D or T through Z for example and you would do the same research associated with this weeks outreach effort by compiling e-mail address contact points for newspapers in your state. Then we will compile a data base for your state and be off and running.

How to volunteer . . . simply shoot us a FB message along with your e-mail address of what state you’re in and that you’d like to help. That’s it . . . we’ll compile the volunteers from you state and be in touch when we have an adequate number of volunteers from your state.

Hesitant to volunteer . . . we totally understand. Once we ended up in the Army and the other time we volunteered we ended up working to pass HR3149 . . . the Army worked out “ok” and the jury is still out on this volunteer effort ;-) No pressure whatsoever, we just need this accomplished somehow and this is the ONLY way it will happen.

Admins and Volunteers to Date:

Dee W. - State Lead

NC - Project Completed . . . Almost . . . want the list? Shoot an e-mail to and type "NC Newspaper List" in the subject line and we'll shoot you the MS Word doc pronto . . .
R. Congress - State Lead

Jaquelyn R. - State Lead

Tracy H. - State Lead

Katrina K. - State Lead


  1. I have over 18 years of accounting experience, BS in Management and Accounting, and working on my MBA, but becuase I have a BK in my past, I am unemployed and have been since Sept having to move my family to TX and still no job. I don't even know if I can get a job making minimum wages at Walmart. The bill is a must!!!!!

  2. I have 33 years of accounting and over 25 years of HR experience and have been turned down five times in the last year because of a BK (which we had to do becuase of a foreclosure). My husband's company closed down in Sept and we are both out of work. Without this bill passing, we will not be able to find employment for the next 5 years. So what are we to do? Remain on unemployment and then go on welfare? This is nuts! This bill must pass!

  3. I have over 25 years in the electronics industry, & over a decade in the customer service/hospitality industries. I became unemployed in May 2009 & have been without work since. Naturally, no $$ coming in so no $$ going out as I was denied benefits. The credit bureaus have wrangled their propaganda to brainwash the companies into believing they need this worthless info all the while making them richer. I can't tell you all the jobs I have been turned down for since my credit tanked. Never had this problem all of my 38+ years of working. I even got turned down for a Telemarketing fund raising job. This is insane what they are doing. This bill has got to pass!

  4. Your credit file get's sold for $8 and the credit bureaus will sell your corpse if they can still make a dollar of you after they starve you to death. We have the millions in the 90% American majority behind us and we're going to fight the blood suckers with every thing we have . . . we will win!