Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sample Letter for Newspaper Outreach Campaign

[Sample Letter]

Celebrating the 4th of July with No Right to Work

An American’s rights to privacy and pursuit of happiness will be celebrated all across the nation on the 4th of July, yet upwards of 100 million Americans will be left out of the celebration. People never convicted of any crime, regular voters and taxpayers. Many are even veterans or have children dying in foreign lands for America as children of the elite attend Harvard. All day long members of the political class will give speeches about “inalienable rights,” talk about what a great nation we live in and beg for another term in office.

Central to every American’s “pursuit of happiness” guaranteed by our founding fathers is the right to work and the right to change jobs to better one’s predicament in life. Nearly half of the entire U.S. workforce has been stripped of that American birthright right by employers discriminating via workplace credit checks. At least 60 percent of all employers and more than 80 percent of white collar jobs discriminate based on an Americans personal credit reports. A document invented for lending money and evaluating credit worthiness is now the yard stick for whether someone lives or dies. That’s not freedom, that’s not the right to pursue happiness, that’s not the right to privacy and it’s sure as hell NOT one of the founding principles this once great nation was founded upon! Freedom has been eclipsed by corporate greed and profit motive by TransUnion, Equifax and Experian via the sale of Americans’ personal credit reports to employers. Greed and political bribes (a.k.a. PAC money) are barring 100 million Americans from changing jobs or finding a job to feed their starving children and that gets no media coverage, but birds dying in the Gulf of Mexico from greed and political payoffs gets 24/7 coverage?

The career politicians (a.k.a. “public servants”) from both political parties who will give speeches on the 4th of July are the very people that hoodwinked the American public with trickle down economics and free trade theory over the past three decades. They are the same political class that rewarded their greedy friends on Wall Street for destroying the economy. In return for their “public service,” these very same politicians are raking in PAC money and enriching themselves via influence peddling at every turn – while the personal credit reports of half the entire workforce have been ruined by their actions.

As if that weren’t sickening enough, for almost a year now the payoffs and bribes have stalled passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. Legislation (now law in three states) that would make it illegal for employers to discriminate against applicants and employees based upon their personal credit reports. The legislation would redress at least a little of the damage done by corporate and political greed and give Americans some small hope of fixing their credit reports and feeding their children.

With the real unemployment figure more like 30 million and the underemployment number at least 25 million – one would think that Congress would see the damage they have done. Instead, their beltway cocoon makes them deaf to the cries of the people as they drastically cut the unemployment rolls because they’re suddenly worried about the deficit . . . now that their friends on Wall Street are fat and happy again. Even more important to Congress are the millions of dollars in PAC money funding their reelection campaigns coming from the big three credit bureaus, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 19 other big dollar business lobbying groups in exchange for killing HR3149 along with “the people.”

The corporate media are being paid to kill the story while Congress is being paid to kill the legislation. On the 4th of July publications, websites and TV stations all across America will show fireworks, hotdogs being gobbled up and politicians begging for votes, but virtually none will report on HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. The hypocrisy of any celebration by politicians and the media when 100 million Americans don’t even have the right to work smacks in the face of everything the 4th of July stands for and America represents. Ninety percent of Americans support HR3149 once they know it exists, but the corporate owned American media have thus far made sure “the people” never hear of it. If that is worthy of flag waving, hotdogs and fireworks then every so called journalist in America should hang their head in shame. America has fallen . . .

[End Sample Letter]

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