Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Strategy, Goals and What This Effort will Get Accomplished

We’ve accomplished to a significant degree the Tier II media mission with outlets such as MSNBC, NYT, CNBC, WSJ, etc. That is NOT local exposure with a significant percentage and this is a main street, kitchen table issue for well over 1/3 of working America with support from 90% of America. Local media especially wants to pretend and present a picture that ‘everything is just fine our community,’ but we all know that’s a lie. Until this issue gets local play and people find out about the legislation we don’t have the numbers or the ability to apply the pressure we need to force passage. It’s not going to happen with a couple of e-mails to a couple of newspapers, but our prolonged campaign will accomplish the following:

* Local newspaper media contacting members of Congress from their area gets attention from the member of Congress big time, especially in an election year. It forces the member of Congress to take a firm position and make a statement either supporting the legislation or opposing it. You on the other hand get nothing but the old “dodge and weave” when you write your members of Congress, such as ‘I didn’t know about it, I’ll have to wait and see the bill,’ etc.

* This effort sends three vital messages to local media: 1) everything is NOT alright here and 2) this issue is important to their readers and 3) this is a huge issue impacting millions and millions of Americans that is simply not going to improve until and unless this legislation is passed.

* Every article that publishes brings more people to the cause, gets more people writing their members of Congress, indirectly adds more members to our FB group, makes this a main street talked about issue in every neighborhood and accomplishes our ultimate goal of everyone knowing about the legislation. We of course will never reach the noise level that the health care debate reached, but we do have the numbers and the interest level to reach something just short of that level.

* This is NOT some fringe issue for a couple of people with bad credit. First and foremost it's a privacy issue 100% and every single American should have the right to privacy and not have it violated just for the the right to work. The right to privacy is an issue for every American and with the economic dissaster, unemployment/under-employment at 25+ million and perhaps 100+ million or more of people with "bad credit" this issue impacts every single American. There is no way to pin down the number of people with "bad credit" exactly becasue the information needed to do that is owned by the credit bureaus and they will never release it, unless they are forced to. It is however a huge, huge number and as long as "they" can keep people suffering in silence because of the "stigma factor" America will continue to suffer the horrible consequences of this workplace discrimination practice. Our job is to alert the media as to how large this issue really is and make them realize that it's their sibling, their friends, their next door neighbor driving the Mercedes and someday may be their child or even themselves.

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