Sunday, September 5, 2010

3) Contact the Ed Schultz Show

Contact the Ed Schultz Show

Shultz has a huge audience and he was integral in getting the recent unemployment extension passed so we know he can do the job for HR3149. We just have to get him tuned in and talking . . . work the horn and the e-mails repeatedly to get him focused and moving on getting Barney Frank to schedule a mark-up hearing NOW!

Call the Ed Schultz Show between daily between 12 – 3 EST

Use the e-mail addresses below daily to get Ed’s attention to work for a mark-up hearing and passage of HR3149.

During the show between 12 – 3 EST use the following contact link/e-mail to flood the show with e-mails:

Before and after the show times, please use the

[Sample Letter]

Dear Ed:

Please help your fellow Americans by forcing Rep. Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee to finally schedule a mark-up hearing on HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. For most jobs, the legislation would make it illegal for employers to use an American’s personal credit report to hire and fire. Now, after Wall Street’s greed destroyed the economy, more than 75 million Americans have credit scores under 700 and the number is growing higher faster than ever. With only 139 million Americans currently employed, it means that more than half of the current workforce fall under a FICO score of 700. More than 26 percent of Americans have suffered a period of unemployment since 2007 and many of these Americans have taken a pay cut to become reemployed. As many as 26 million Americans who are under or unemployed are now locked out of the workplace or barred from changing jobs because of their credit reports. The numbers are now approaching the level of national catastrophe if you happen to be among the under or unemployed.

Bad credit means no job and no job equals bad credit. There is simply no way out without passage of HR3149 and there is no way to get a mark-up hearing scheduled without your audience and help. Please have members of your audience contact Barney Frank now to demand that he schedule a mark-up hearing and stop stalling he legislation.

Rep. Barney Frank
(202) 224-3121 (Congressional Switchboard)

[End Sample e-mail]

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