Sunday, September 5, 2010

2) Rep. Barney Frank Siege!!!

Rep. Barney Frank Siege!!!

As noted in our friends and family e-mail outreach, Barney isn’t sure at this moment that Americans being starved, losing their homes and their children going hungry due to employment credit checks is “a big enough priority” to schedule a mark-up hearing. He did however think that taking $25 K in 2008 from the big three credit bureaus was a priority . . .

PLEASE let him know IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that "we the people" are priority one in America and a mark-up hearing on HR3149 NOW is our top priority! You simply cannot call enough times, or send enough messages 10 times a day or more if that’s what it takes! This is probably our only chance, so let’s don’t blow it by being apathetic and complacent. Act now or regret if forever! It’s been a long march to get to this stage so let’s engage with everything we can muster to demand a mark-up hearing NOW!

Rep. Barney Frank
(202) 224-3121
(Congressional Switchboard) Ring these numbers off the hook!!!!!
(617) 332-3920
(508) 999-6462
(508) 822-4796

For Barney Frank Constituents (ONLY) use following e-mail link:

(202) 225–4247 Financial Services Committee

Financial Services Committee e-Mail (Flood them with e-mails!!!!! every single day!!!!!)

[Sample Letter]

ATTN: Barney Frank

Half of the Entire Workforce is Not a Priority?

According to FICO more than 75 million Americans now have a credit score under 700.
With only 139 million Americans currently employed, it means that more than half fall under a FICO score of 700. More than 26 percent of Americans have suffered a period of unemployment since 2007 and many of these Americans have taken a pay cut to become reemployed. As many as 26 million Americans who are under or unemployed are now locked out of the workplace or barred from changing jobs because of their credit reports. The numbers are now approaching the level of national catastrophe if you happen to be among the under or unemployed.

If my information is correct you were quoted as saying that scheduling a mark-up hearing on HR3149 “may not be a big enough priority.” What on earth could be more important than food on people's tables? Please tell me my information is incorrect by scheduling a mark-up hearing after more than a year’s delay. This is a jobs and the economy issue and there is no other issue more important to the American people . . . especially with citizens walking into the voting booths in just a few short weeks.

Does Washington need to see the body bags before they will act to protect the American people? You simply can’t get a job in America without a stellar credit report and it’s not only the CFOs being checked as the credit bureaus would lead members of Congress believe. Even SHRM who is opposed to HR3149 admits the discrimination is being used in 70+ percent of all businesses. Believe it or not some babysitters now have to pass credit checks to get a job. The situation is completely out of control and the time is now to lift the boot of corporations off the neck of the people. Simply allow people to work . . . is that too much to ask?

On behalf of the American people, the children starving, the spouses and extended families, please schedule a mark-up hearing now on HR3149. Please work to fast track passage of a bill before more people lose their homes, cars and are thrown out into the streets. The days of corporate big brother violating the privacy of American citizens for the right to work must come to an end. Please immediately schedule a mark-up hearing!

[End Sample Letter]

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