Thursday, September 9, 2010

Activity Request: Ask the AFL-CIO . . .

We know this is our third activity request in one week and we’re aware that frequent messages do NOT go over well, but we’re in the trenches fighting with all we have and this was an opportunity to good to pass up. The AFL-CIO is officially on board supporting HR3149, but to date they have not lifted one finger, that we’re aware of, to support passage - even though we have tried repeatedly on this end to connect. They have the type of numbers and clout in Washington to go up against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce so let’s use the linked opportunity below to ask AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka why there has been no support to date and ask him to please support the legislation. If you are a member of the AFL-CIO or any labor union, please use this opportunity to bring your union to the table to fight for HR3149.

Submit your HR3149 Question:

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Why no support for passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act? According to FICO more than 75 million Americans now have a credit score under 700 a.k.a. “bad credit.” With 30 million people under or unemployed there is no issue more important than outlawing workplace credit checks.

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PS If we can bring the AFL-CIO strong to the table we can
cease sending activity requests and just kick-back and watch this legislation pass ;-) Please try!


  1. I have had my income reduced in order to keep my job. It has severely impacted my credit score and I may have to declare bankruptcy. I have always been a professional with good references and long term employment. Please support HR3149 so that I will be able to be employed in the event my employer has more layoffs.

  2. 55 percent of all Americans are worried about losing their jobs and almost half of the entire workfoce has damaged credit, but without HR3149 we'll all one pink slip away from a dead end.

  3. This is a big deal because people's mortgage payments go up based upon these interest rates. Today the Fed bought up bonds which dropped interest rates a little lower.