Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3) Activity Requests: Madam Speaker

Madam Speaker Outreach Efforts . . .

We have to use this week’s window to turn up the heat. Please continue to hammer Nancy Pelosi with your calls and e-mails. Call the following number and use the e-mail contact form over and over and over . . . then repeat! We have to flood these contact points NOW. Please help!!!!!

(202) 225-0100

E-Mail Ms. Pelosi:

Speaker of the House, link below, add name, e-mail address, zip, copy sample letter below and paste into form, edit to suit you and send.

[Sample Letter]

HR3149 is a Silver Bullet for November and Employment

How can America go into the voting booth in November knowing that a jobs and economy fix has been sitting stalled in the House, Financial Services Committee for more than a year? It’s called HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act and it would allow 75+ million Americans to get a job or change jobs. According to FICO more than 75 million Americans now have a credit score under 700. With only 139 million Americans currently employed, it means that more than half fall under a FICO score of 700. Even SHRM who is opposed to HR3149 admits this discrimination is being used in 70+ percent of all businesses. More than 26 percent of Americans have suffered a period of unemployment since 2007 and many of these Americans have taken a pay cut to become reemployed. As many as 26 million Americans who are under or unemployed are now locked out of the workplace or barred from changing jobs because of their credit reports. The numbers are now approaching the level of national catastrophe if you happen to be among the under or unemployed. Passage is good for jobs, good for the economy and good for the Democrats in November if and only if it is fast-tracked and passed. All informed Americas know that bribes via PAC money are buying off committee members to keep the legislation stalled. Please encourage Committee Chairman Barney Frank to schedule a mark-up hearing now and then push for fast tracking passage of HR3149.

More than 75 million voters are watching and waiting as they lose their jobs, homes, cars and their children go hungry because they are locked out of the workplace via employment credit check discrimination. Please give them a reason to vote for the party in charge by passing HR3149.

[End Sample Letter]

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