Saturday, September 18, 2010

Actitity Requests: Sunday through Wednesday

You’ve fought beside us this far and with a hearing Thursday we’ve broken through the enemy’s first line of defense. Tired, beleaguered and on empty stomachs we have to finish the fight with a massive media push between now and midnight on Tuesday. We know you want to cringe when you hear the words “media outreach,” but it’s our only weapon we have to tip the scales in our favor by shining light on the hearing and bringing more warriors to our cause. Otherwise Congress will sell us out. While the outreach lists we’re providing are long, it’s just a mindless copy, paste, edit, send numbers game . . . the more we send the better our chances of media coverage and success. Think big, think homeruns and think success. A couple more weeks or so and we’ll either have a law or be able to take a long break. We’re thinking law, we thinking homerun NOW! So let’s get started . . .

PS Don’t forget to watch the hearing on Thursday at 10 via the following link and give us your feedback. We’ll evaluate and react accordingly . . .

[Sample Letter/e-Mail]

Subj. Line: Please Cover the Issue and Hearing on Thursday!

The ONLY issue important to the overwhelming majority of Americans is the “Jobs and Economy” issue. Despite all the banter and political noise, the ONLY quick fix that can be accomplished with the simple stroke of a presidential pen is HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. It simply allows highly qualified Americans the right to work by banning employment credit checks for most jobs. Without passage, extensions to unemployment insurance just delay an inevitable dead-end when benefits run out and any jobs created are out of reach for almost half of the entire U.S. workforce. The numbers as detailed in the following linked article don’t lie:


Against the overwhelming odds of vote buying via millions in PAC money from the big three credit bureaus, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 19 other business lobbying groups “we the people” with no money have moved the legislation forward to a hearing on Thursday at 10:00.

Legislative Hearing on H.R. 3149, the Equal Employment for All Act

Yes, hearings happen every day and this will not be news unless you make it news. Without YOU covering the hearing and the issue, HR3149 will never make it out of committee . . . it’s just that simple. Millions more of your fellow Americans will lose their homes, cars, dignity and their children will needlessly starve.

Lowly citizens with no money and many with no job have fought to somehow move the issue to a hearing. We’re fighting Goliath with pebbles and slingshots and without YOU we’ll be crushed under the corporate boot that has stolen our American democracy from the people. There is no issue more critical or more important to 75 million of your fellow citizens . . . please see to it that the issue is heard and the legislation is fast-tracked to passage by covering the hearing and the issue. Lives and livelihoods hang in the balance and ONLY YOU can tip the scale of justice to end the needless genocide brought about by this invasion of privacy and workplace discrimination.

[End Sample Letter]

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  1. I absolutely support this important piece of legislation. Nobody should be subjected a to credit check before are after employment by anyone and have that used as part of any process of selection.