Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Activity Requests: URGENT! We Need YOU!!!!!

After months and months of writing and rewriting the following linked article we finally got it published!!! It could not have come at a better time when we needed it more than ever. I cuts through much of the double-speak and delivers our message loud and clear! PLEASE HELP US get the message out to more readers and to members of Congress, etc..


1) Please add your comments to the linked article above . . . as many as possible and pass the article link to everyone you know.

2) Click on the Newsvine link below and vote on the article as many times as allowed. Just keep voting it up! This will make it rise in readership and get the word out to more people. Make comments as well . . .

3) E-Mail, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: use link below, add name, e-mail address, zip, copy a link to the article and paste into form, then add a note for her to simply read the article and move the legislation forward for a hearing now! Flood her and just keep sending it over and over and over!

4) Financial Services Committee e-Mail: Copy a link to the article and paste into the form, then add a note for the committee to simply read the article and move the legislation forward for a hearing now! Flood them and just keep sending it over and over and over!

5) Print the article and FAX it to Barney Frank as many times as possible at

(202) 225-0182 !!!!! Just keep faxing!!!!!
For Barney Frank Constituents (ONLY) use following e-mail link to copy a link to the article and e-mail it to him over and over:

6) Use the link below to contact the White House . . . copy a link to the article, add your comments and ask him to push for passage of the bill.

7) Contact Your Members of Congress

Find Your 9 Digit Zip Code before you begin, you’ll need your full 9 digit zip code. Simply go to the link below and plug in your address and it will provide your full 9 digit zip.

7A) Contact YOUR member(s) the House of Representatives

Simply click on the link above and follow the steps, select your state, enter your full 9 digit zip code, click “contact my representative,” answer the security question, plug in your personal information, paste in a link to the article and ask them to read it a pass the bill then hit “send message.” If you can, please print a copy and FAX it to them as well . . .

7B) Contact YOUR Senator(s)

Simply click on the link above, choose your state, choose your senator(s), go to their website(s) and navigate their website looking for “contact info.” then follow their steps, paste in a link to the article and ask them to read it a pass the bill and hit “send.” If you can, please print a copy and FAX it to them as well . . .

8) Nominate the Article for a Sidney Award
Please take the time, using the link below, to nominate the article for a Sidney Award which if selected will give the article much, much more exposure to more people.

9) Please shoot a linked copy of the article out to all your FB friends, e-mail friends and paste on your FB wall. Ask them to join the cause, our FB group, etc.


  1. Intensity of attension, You have;"
    Continuity and repetition, means a great deal.
    Your idea is impregnated with devotion, will and faith, intensely, and repedtelly, unmindful of the results, which will come naturally, as the fruit of your labors <3 <3 <3

  2. Sent the article along with my comments to all the suggested political people in addition to friends and relatives. We need to get this Bill passed post haste!

  3. Done. Thanks for the link to the MSNBC article. I am focusing on what I consider to be an anti trust violation by the credit reporting agencies. This is the letter that I sent to President Obama.
    Dear Mr. President,
    I am writing to you in regards to: HR 3149 - The Equal Employment for All Act which would prohibit the use of credit reports for pre-employment screening and post employment promotions.

    The powerful credit reporting companies are working together to stifle competition in the American job market and making a fortune by doing so. Their strategy is to extract money from employers by convincing them that Americans citizens who have bad or no credit, for what ever reason, are irresponsible, “potential” criminals and should not be hired. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are making it difficult for a large number of highly skilled job applicants to enter the job market, simply because they are not wealthy.

    Identity theft, uninsured medical expenses and poverty are not good reasons to reject any job applicant. Even a CPA can wind up being the victim of identity theft. Think about all of the well educated, sophisticated, wealthy people who got scammed by Bernie Maddoff. Should they be unable to seek employment for the next 7-10 years because they got scammed by a con man? If a person is applying for a job and their credit report reflects the fact that they had to go to the emergency room for uninsured medical care, should they also be denied a job?

    Isn’t it illegal for businesses to act together in ways that can limit competition, or hinder opportunities for individuals to enter the job market? It creates a situation in which qualified applicants, with out any criminal history, are never even considered. There is no reasonable business justification for this practice. These people are applying for a job; not a line of credit.

    I know that you have a lot to deal with. I hope that you will encourage the passage of HR 3419. It would help so many people.