Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Are Our Chances?

Right now our chances of getting HR3149 out of committee and passed are about 50/50. It’s being hotly debated within the Financial Services Committee and we’re right on the cusp of having it scheduled for a mark-up hearing. If we can get it to a mark-up hearing our chances go way, way up!

We need help, we need more groups beyond the 30 or so that are officially on board behind the cause because some of the groups we have are small and most are passive. The opposition in organized and ready to strike with thousands of employees who will write, call etc. to stop passage so we must do our part to bring more fighters to our cause via groups with numbers, contacts, etc. This week’s outreach effort is intense and heavy with lots of contact points in an effort to bring more troops to our side going into the battle. We simply have to bring more of these groups to the battlefield or we’re doomed.
So please get your letters out this week to bring more warriors into the fight and don’t forget to recruit new members to our group. Stand side by side and fight to defeat greed and to remove the corporate boot off the neck of the American people!!!

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  1. We need to uphold anti-discrimination across the board!! Especially in these very uncertain financial times, where folks that have always had excellent credit, have now been laid off due to larger economic reasons out of their control. Why should they not be able to recover, by moving ahead, getting a job and making a future? Go HR 3149.