Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let’s Get Them Talking!!!!

We’ve been remiss in addressing the talk radio outlets for far too long, but the reason why is somewhat complex. Even though HR3149 is a populist issue with support of 90 percent of Americans, some on the right have been resistant and slow to come to the table. That is starting to change as evidenced by a conversation we had this week with the office of one of our two Senators, a Republican who called us. He's leaning toward supporting a watered down version of HR3149, but we advised that's NOT going to cut it. Nonetheless, rest assured that this battle for passage of HR3149 is just over the horizon and Congress is well aware of the issue no matter what your members may tell you. They are ALL aware of it, but they are trying to figure out a way to keep the money that’s been stuffed in their pockets to defeat it without getting voted out of office in November. If they vote with the money, we're going to do everything in our power to remove them from office.

Our goal this week is to get the talk radio outlets moving their mouths with a solution for something instead of endless banter of left, right hate mongering. The activity requests Monday thru Thursday are just a starting point for you. Please do a simple Google search by typing in “Talk Radio” and then type in the name of your city and or state. Then start calling and writing . . . this is a numbers game and 99 percent about effort and only one percent about being some type of activist genius. Please put forth some effort . . . at the Federal level to pass nationwide protection, this upcoming shot previous to November is the best shot we may ever have. After November, if something were to get passed our chances of any real legislation with teeth dim greatly.

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