Sunday, March 21, 2010

Activity Requests: Ramp Up Membership Recruiting!

Grow Us an HR3149 Army with which to FIGHT!

As a group, we’ve succeeded in many areas most notably getting media attention for HR3149. The one area that has been elusive and continues to be elusive is EXPLOSIVE growth in our membership numbers. We’re currently at just under 2,000 members and we continue to grow at a steady pace, but our growth rate as demonstrated thus far is not in touch with the political realities. To succeed, we’ve got to grow our membership numbers NOW and we’ve got to grow FAST. The clock is ticking and unless we unlock the challenge of EXPLOSIVE growth we don’t have the HR3149 army necessary to overpower the stiff opposition we face.

One method that seems to be working for us on this end, that everyone can easily join in, is to paste the following message EVERYWHERE you can within FB. Modify it to suit your preferences but make sure to leave our group URL link in the message and this will work to A) get the word out on the corruption killing HR3149 and B) helps our recruitment efforts within FB. Paste it onto every FB wall you can get it on, especially on FB group walls, and use it to start a discussion topic anywhere you can. Leave no opportunity missed to get the word out and recruit!

[Sample Message]

HR3149, that will protect YOU from workplace discrimination via YOUR personal credit report, is being stalled in Congress by political corruption. Just in the 2010 cycle alone, $258,727 in bribes via PAC money from the big three credit bureau has been taken by Congress to kill the legislation. When 90% of the people demand this legislation NOW and Congress is being bribed to kill it, that’s not democracy! Join our FB PAG at: (or simply type “hr3149” into FB search) to stop the corruption and demand passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act NOW!

[End Sample Message]

Additional Growth Techniques:

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