Saturday, March 13, 2010

Actitity Request(s): Sunday & Monday

Contact The Congressional Black Caucus and The National Urban League NOW!

As noted below in the reprinted letter from The National Urban League, The Congressional Black Caucus is holding a hearing this Wednesday on “Jobs.” While we applaud the effort as highly commendable, anyone working for “jobs” and not working just as hard for HR3149 is simply out of touch with reality. Time and time again, we see discussions in Washington and elsewhere on “Jobs,” but what we’re NOT seeing is HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act included in that discussion. That simply has to change and it’s our job to make that happen! Whether Washington can actually spur or create jobs not funded by taxpayers is a tricky question and yet to be proven, but stopping the money game stalling HR3149 and passing the legislation can be done in an instant. Shouldn’t discrimination in the workplace be at or near the top of priorities list for both The Congressional Black Caucus and The National Urban League?

It’s up to YOU to make it a top priority by making your voice heard. The comfortable status quo in Washington and within the Congressional Black Caucus is the problem. “They” have a “hearing” so they can get on camera for you folks back home and NOTHING CHANGES! “They” may NOT be able to create even one single job, but “they” can sure as “hell” get HR3149 passed this week if they so desired. Stop kidding yourself and stop buying into the empty words for the cameras. Force Washington, The Congressional Black Caucus and The National Urban League to make passage of HR3149 PRIORITY ONE and part of any and all discussions on “Jobs.” Make them listen!

Congressional Black Caucus contact info.:


Contact Info. for The National Urban League's "Jobs Surge" effort

Reprint of letter from The National Urban League on this Wednesday's "Jobs Discussion" at a Congressional Black Caucus Hearing

Out of Work But Not Out of Hope
Congressional Black Caucus Hearing

The National Urban League "Jobs Surge"

The Congressional Black Caucus has invited the National Urban League to join it in a national focus on jobs. Government must act now because many Americans can no longer wait while Washington drags its feet and offers up lukewarm solutions to burning crises. Unemployment among African Americans is 15.8% and 42% for African American teenagers as we approach the summer months. Washington must create new jobs now-- a Jobs Surge-- before conditions get even worse.

That is why I am calling upon you and millions of Americans across the nation to share your challenges and experiences during this Great Recession. Your voice must be heard in Washington even if you are not there in person. . . . Wednesday, March 17, 2010 on Capitol Hill, the Congressional Black Caucus is hosting a jobs hearing, and I want to share with them and the nation what you are experiencing. I need you to help me tell them just how bad things have gotten for communities.

You can send a personal message via email to or post a video on our YouTube Channel at It is your turn to tell how challenging the economy is for urban communities, the unemployed and their families, teenagers, and minority-owned businesses. This is your chance to have your say. I will present your personal testimony to the media and Members of Congress that morning. This opportunity might never come again for you to testify before Congress. Your voice will finally be heard! You are finally empowered!

I need your testimony by . . . Tuesday, March 16, 2010 by 12 PM (eastern) so that you can tell the House and Senate that you demand to be heard. I look forward to reading your messages and watching your videos.


Marc H. Morial

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