Friday, March 12, 2010

Activity Request(s): Wednesday and Continuing Forward

Contact the House Financial Services Committee at 202.225.4247 and keep calling 24/7 until they get HR3149 out of their committee.

Use your real name (or if you wish dream one up every time you call, the enemy has money and lobbyists and we have "creativity") . . . BTW this is NOT a democratic exercise, “vote” loudly, “vote” often (express your opinion) as many times as possible as often as possible! Push the number out to all your friends, put it in discussions, blogs, etc. and make the number ring loudly and often.

Use this e-Mail Link below to FLOOD them with e-mails (repeat as often as possible until we advise we have a hearing scheduled):

Messages to convey:

* This legislation has been stalled for almost a year now as millions of Americans are losing their homes, going hungry and are locked out of the workplace by the catch 22 of no job = bad credit and bad credit = no job. It's WRONG for your committee members to dine with the credit bureau lobbyists and the people suffer. You were elected to serve "the people" not lobbyists!

* We're well aware of the $104,727 that members of the committee took from the big three credit bureau PACs and the back room deal making that is taking place to try and kill the legislation.

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