Friday, March 12, 2010

Activity Request: Starting Monday and Continuing Forward

Force Barney to Schedule a Hearing on HR3149 NOW!!!!!!!!!!
Call and write Barney Frank 24/7 Until We Get a Hearing and HR3149 is moved out of his House Commitee on Financial Services and brought to a vote in the House at-large! We got it confirmed from inside sources that he refuses to let it move forward or be scheduled for a hearing.

All Members use the following #s (202) 225-5931 to call him and (202) 225-0182 to FAX him. (For Members in Frank's district see additional info. below) They will ask you of course if you are a Barney Frank constituent (a.k.a. live in his district), if you are, of course answer “yes” and if you are NOT (and are NOT timid) say that you can’t get through on the number given for the Financial Services Committee, but are demanding that YOUR voice be heard nonetheless. [WE MUST GET BARNEY’S ATTENTION ANY WAY LEGALLY POSSIBLE!] Put this number on speed dial and call it repeatedly on a diaily basis until we advise that we have HR3149 out of committee.

Put Barney's number in discussions, on blogs, in comments to articles, etc. Anywhere you can get in and ask people to call and keep calling until he gets HR3149 out of his committee.

Specific Messages for Barney

1) Since he took a total of $25 K from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian (the big 3 credit bureaus making millions off selling YOUR personal credit report to employers) during the '08 political contributions cycle, we question his loyalty to “we the people” who are suffering by the millions in America due to the discrimination and invasion of privacy by employers who are forcing people to turn over their personal credit report just to be able to work.

2) We're also well aware of the $104,727 that members of his committee took from the big three credit bureau PACs and the back room deal making that is taking place to try and kill the legislation.

3) We now have boots on the ground in his district and are actively and passionately mobilizing to let his constituents know about the $25 K in PAC contributions he accepted from the big three credit bureaus and more importantly to let them know they have been completely forgotten when it comes to passage of H.R.3149: The Equal Employment for All Act.

NOTE TO ALL MEMBERS IN BARNEY’S DISTRICT: We need your help in a BIG WAY to mobilize voters and voices in his district. Our entire group is depending on YOU to Visit, Call and FAX his MA Offices:


29 Crafts Street
Newton, MA 02458
tel: (617) 332-3920 fax: (617) 332-2822

558 Pleasant Street #309
New Bedford, MA 02740
tel: (508) 999-6462 fax: (508) 999-6468

The Jones Building
29 Broadway Suite 310
Taunton, MA 02780
tel: (508) 822-4796 fax: (508) 822-8186

If you reside in his district, please communicate with us. If you want to connect with fellow group members in Barney's district, shoot us a note and we'll connect you.

For Barney Frank Constituents (ONLY) use following e-mail link:

You’ll need to have your full 9 digit zip code handy. Use the following link to look it up if you don’t already know it.

If you don't actually live in Barney's district but want to write him any way (BTW this is "highly discouraged" by members of Congress) here's how: Mapquest and USPS zip code finder . . . you'll figure it out ;-) and NO! you can't get arrested for it any more than members of the House Committee on Financial Services can be arrested for taking $104,727 from the big three credit bureaus and making back room deals to kill HR3149. Lobbyists for the big three credit bureaus can just drop by Barney's office, but YOU can't get access because YOU didn't contribute $25 K to his campaign or live in his district?

That's NOT democracy, that's the American elite and the lobbyists taking care of their own via money and corruption of democracy.


  1. how about registering on Twitter so that we can retweet this information. many people go to Twitter for news feeds, and information which they will NOT find via the main stream media, which we all know are simply tools of Corporate America anymore.

  2. Someone volunteer . . . we're running thin already, but this is a great idea we already considered . . . Ron Congress