Friday, July 23, 2010

So You Think We’re Being Melodramatic?

If you think we're melodramatic at times then we’ll start sending you all the e-mails and messages of desperation we receive on a weekly basis from people losing their homes, people who have starving children and people considering suicide. Who knows how many members we’ve lost due to desperation? Quite frankly, when we started this endeavor, we didn’t bargain for the sense of guilt that we now carry. For many people, passage of HR3149 is now a matter of life or death. The sense of desperation grows by the day and Congress just continues to take the PAC money for their campaigns in exchange for stalling the legislation.

There are exceptions, but based upon our experience with this issue since mid November members of Congress just simply don’t give a damn if people starve and die as long as they get their money. When corporations such as the credit bureaus and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are allowed to buy votes and their profits are placed ahead of people’s lives it qualifies as one of the most depraved, travesties of justice and democracy in the history of our nation. Just because death comes more slowly via employment credit check discrimination, is it any less diabolical than a Nazi death camp? If Americans were being gassed to death someone would pay attention, but death via credit report is just seen as the free enterprise system of profits for the credit bureaus. How can this be happening in America?

A recent publication indicates that 1 in every 25 people are sociopaths a.k.a. having no conscience or any sense of right and wrong whatsoever. If a sociopath is on death row we call it “criminal” but if they are a member of Congress we call it “politics.” Taking bribes to stall legislation that will save people’s lives by allowing them to work is no less criminal than actual murder. Even so, the real guilt lies with “the people” in America that have allowed Congress to get away with this. Until and unless a huge number of people come together and raise hell with their members of Congress for taking bribes in exchange for starving the people – HR3149 will remain stalled.

Some 90 percent of Americans say that employment credit checks are wrong, but they sit idle, complacent and uninvolved as their fellow citizens perish. Quite frankly that’s our biggest frustration . . . why doesn’t America seem to give a damn? Why aren’t more of our citizens fighting to stop the practice of employment credit checks? Where is the anger? Where is the passion? How can millions of Americans be led to slaughter like sheep without a fight? We just don’t get it . . .

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