Sunday, July 11, 2010

Activity Request(s): Tuesday . . .

Outreach to House and Senate Leaders

1) Speaker of the House, link below, add name, e-mail address, zip, copy sample letter below and paste into form, edit to suit you and send.

2) House Minority Leader, link below, add name, e-mail address and send, or use the e-mail address provided.

3) Senate Majority Leader, link below, add name add personal info., etc. copy and paste sample letter below into form, edit to suit you and send.

4) Senate Minority Leader, link below, add name add personal info., etc. copy and paste sample letter below into form, edit to suit you and send.

[Sample Letter]

Your role in the Washington gamesmanship at the expense of “the people” is insulting to the intelligence of all Americans. HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act that would remove the biggest impediment to getting a job has sat stalled in the House for a year now. Nonetheless, with the recent impasse/debate in extending unemployment benefits both political parties cried crocodile tears for “the people.” Millions of Americans would already be back to work and have no need of extended unemployment benefits if the Democratic controlled House, Senate and Executive branch had passed HR3149. On the other side of the aisle, Republicans cry deficit in the debate around unemployment benefits, yet have yet to lift one finger to pass HR3149 that would put people back to work and would not cost the taxpayer one single dime or add a penny to the deficit.

Why . . . votes in November, gamesmanship and political bribes. Neither political party in Washington seems to care about “the people” beyond getting their votes to either maintain or acquire political power. If “the people” mattered, unemployment benefits would have been proposed as a stand alone issue/bill by the Democrats instead of adding more spending to the bill (outside of unemployment benefit funding) and Republicans wouldn’t have played the deficit card to get votes in November. These are obvious Washington business as usual games and “the people” are no longer blinded by the smokescreens. We’ve wised up . . . the two party system doesn’t work for “the people.”

Congress can put millions of Americans back to work NOW, with passage of HR3149, but would rather starve “the people” so they can fund their reelection coffers with money from the PACs that oppose the legislation. The millions of dollars from the big three credit bureaus, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other groups opposing passage of HR3149 are no secret to the American people. It’s also no secret that the legislation would have passed a year ago if it were not for political bribes, payoffs and backroom deal making.

A 100 million Americans (half the entire workforce) now have “bad credit” due to lack of Congressional oversight of Wall Street and bribes a.k.a. campaign donations are more important than “the people?” Some 30 million people under/unemployed and protecting the profits of the big three credit bureaus is more important to Congress that allowing people to work? Since HR3149 will put millions back to work and is absolutely 100 percent free to the taxpayer, no Republican can play the vote getting "deficit game" in regard to passage. Even worse, since Democrats control all branches of government, no Democrat can say they are working to put people back to work since they have allowed HR3149 to sit stalled for a year.

Votes in November or political bribes is the real question now. Upwards of 90 percent of the American people support passage of HR3149, yet bribes seem more important to Congress. Every member of Congress is there to deliver the will of the people, yet political games are more important than starving Americans. The American people are watching the money flow and we’ll vote in November based on passage of HR3149. You can take the money in exchange for continuing to stall HR3149 or you can stand with the people who elected you into office. The clock is ticking . . . please pass HR3149 NOW so millions of Americans can get back to work.

[End Sample Letter]

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