Friday, July 23, 2010

Activity Requests

[Note: As always any sample messages, letters, etc. that we provide are just that, “samples.” The samples are just what we’re sending out from this end and you are strongly encouraged to use your own judgment, voice and perspectives. Our prose, tone and approach can always be improved upon and quite frankly a good mix of perspectives is better than following our samples verbatim. We don’t do messaging for the group (nor do we aspire to) or ever speak for the group, but instead merely facilitate our members’ ability to speak at once for more power and volume. If you’re a “professional communicator” or would like to help with recruiting, research, administration, etc. shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to get you involved. There is no lack of work to be done.]

And You Thought Recess was Just for Children . . .

Since children never look ahead, play games all day and rarely if ever are held accountable for their actions, perhaps a “recess” for Congress is quite appropriate. They just took a week-long break around the 4th of July and on August 9 they’re all taking a month off. Must be nice to make $170 K a year now and for the rest of your life even after you’re voted out of office and on top of that get a recess like you did in kindergarten or elementary school. (With a deal like that why would you listen and respond to your constituents?) Ok, we digress and are just jealous . . . Let’s at least give them a good old HR3149 paddling before they go play at recess. We hit them just a couple of weeks ago and we’re going to hit them again with hard numbers and we’re going to keep hitting them until they listen!

Contact Your Members of Congress

1) Find Your 9 Digit Zip Code before you begin, you’ll need your full 9 digit zip code. Simply go to the link below and plug in your address and it will provide your full 9 digit zip.

2) Contact YOUR member(s) the House of Representatives

Simply click on the link above and follow the steps, select your state, enter your full 9 digit zip code, click “contact my representative,” answer the security question, plug in your personal information, paste in the essay you will find below, edit to suit you and hit “send message.”

DO NOT forget to seach for upcoming town hall meetings and if nothing is showing ask about the dates and locations when you make your phone calls.

3) Contact YOUR Senator(s)

Simply click on the link above, choose your state, choose your senator(s), go to their website(s) and navigate their website looking for “contact info.” then follow their steps, copy and paste in the sample letter below, edit to suit you and hit “send.”

IMPORTANT: While on their site, DO NOT forget to seach for upcoming town hall meetings and if nothing is showing ask about the dates and locations when you make your phone calls.

[Sample Letter]

The numbers are in and I simply ask that you review the linked article at the end of my letter and read the horrific handwriting on the wall. FICO scores, even according to their never audited numbers, are at a 20 year low. If they paint a picture that bad, how bad is it really? They estimate that 35% of FICO scores of Americans fall under 650 which they term as a “bad credit.” They estimate that some 70 million Americans fall into this category. That’s means at least a third of Americans are either locked out of the workforce or barred from changing jobs due to employment credit checks. Since the actual scores are not provided on the employment version of credit reports and there are zero regulations, guidelines or criteria for employers to evaluate credit reports . . . the real number of Americans impacted is closer to 100 million. That’s half of the entire U.S. workforce!

With some 30 million Americans under or unemployed, their credit reports may as well be an order of execution. In America if you have bad credit you don’t work, you don’t eat, you don’t make house or car payments and you eventually end up living on the streets. A document for loans and credit now determines whether you live of die? The value of human life is now being determined by a credit report?

The entire precept of “fraud and theft prevention” that credit bureaus use to market the sale of credit reports is rendered null and void just by the numbers alone. Based on their greed-based marketing half of the entire U.S. workforce are a thief and a fraud risk. No one in their right mind believes that, but the percentage of employers doing credit checks just continues to rise to now be 60+ percent of all jobs and 80+ percent of white collar jobs. All the while HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act sits stalled due to PAC money pay-offs and lobbying by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce among others.

The lives of millions of Americans and constituents that voted you into office are in your hands. The passing of an extension to unemployment benefits just prolonged life a little longer because there is no job with a damaged credit report. Without HR3149 as law, the extension was a waste of money. Starve to death now or starve to death later, what’s the difference? As credit bureau profits soar from their greed-based selling of credit reports to employers, Americans are literally dying because of the practice. You have a moral obligation as member of the human race to stop the deaths by passing HR3149. Please read the numbers in the following article and realize the life and death ramifications that you hold in your hands before more perish needlessly.

Americans' credit scores at new lows
The credit scores of millions more Americans are sinking to new lows, according to new figures provided by FICO Inc.

[End Sample Letter]

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