Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Two Cents Worth . . .

Even though we live in Washington and have always been informed at a minimum and somewhat politically active, we just didn’t know the truth until getting involved in passage of HR3149. In our opinion based on experience, and you’re welcome to disagree, we have no democracy. When 90 percent of the American people demand passage of HR3149 and it has sat for a year now – that tells you all you really need to know. Money, bribes and payoffs via PACs along with backroom deal making are 100 percent responsible for the legislation being stalled. That’s called CORRUPTION of our political system by corporations. No matter your political party or inclination, you have to hold the Democrats responsible since they control all three legislative braches of the Federal government. If they weren’t being bribed and really cared about the American people during the second worst economic disaster in our nation’s history, HR3149 would now be law. On the other side of the isle, the Republicans cry deficits but give zero support to legislation that will put millions back to work and won’t cost one single dime to the taxpayer. If people get a job they might not vote the way they want. It’s all sad but true . . . 99 percent of Congress could care less if Americans are starving, but they do care about votes in November. They all make $170 K per year and will make that for the remainder of their entire life even if voted out . . . they are going to eat no matter what, but the rest of us live in the real world.

Games, lies, smokescreens, cronyism, payoffs, bribes, pay-to-play and lack of any heart or conscience when it comes to the suffering of the American people is the reality. To starve the people via employment credit checks to protect the profits of the big three credit bureaus is the height of cruelty and greed. For this performance, they expect our vote in November . . . not going to happen if and only if we do out utmost to make passage of HR3149 a campaign issue. Just keep pushing, keep calling, keep writing and keep calling them out at ever turn and we will prevail.

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