Sunday, July 11, 2010

Activity Requests: Monday

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Ask Obama to Purge Pritzker and to Support HR3149

Whether you're loyal to the Democratic Party and ardent supporter of President Obama or detractor, any supporter of HR3149 has to be extremely concerned with our President’s ties to Penny Pritzker, Chair, TransUnion. Our President has yet to show one ounce of support for HR3149 and the following linked HP article speak volumes . . . (For more info. do some Googling and you'll find enough dirt on Pritzker to tell you one fact: Pritzker's position on Obama's Economic Recovery Board is "Chicago politics," backroom deal making and nothing short of "slime ball" pay-to-play political fund raising to protect the profits of TransUnion at the expense of "the people." Most especially if you're a Democrat and loyal to Obama, you should be sick and outraged by this obvious political payoff.)

Use White House link below, copy sample letter below, open link, paste in letter, edit to suit you, fill in the blanks and send. The form within the link allows for only 2500 characters MAX, we edited the sample letter below . . . it fits, so keep the length of your letter close to the sample provided.


Unless I’ve missed something, you have yet to utter one word in support of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act. With all due respect, myself and millions of other Americans are forced to question whether that is due to your personal friendship and long-time political relationship with Penny Prtzker, Chair, TransUnion (who led your campaign finance team and raised millions of dollars for your campaign). To have Pritzker on your Economic Recovery Board smacks in the face of justice and workplace equality. Millions of Americans are locked out of the workplace by TransUnion, Equifax and Experian selling their personal credit reports to employers. Worse than profiting directly from the suffering of Americans, all three credit bureaus deploy multi-million dollar marketing efforts to encourage the discrimination practice. Pritzker, however, takes it even further by directing TransUnion's seedy backroom arm twisting, “lobbying,” and manipulation of legislators to ensure that children go hungry and their parents remain jobless. Pritzker also funds hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit bureau PAC money to buy votes in Congress and the House Committee on Financial Services to keep the legislation stalled. Is this someone you can hold up to the American people as a good person to deliver a jobs recovery? An atmosphere of personal friendships, cronyism and corporate money buying Congress is NOT the “Change We Can Believe In” you promised during your campaign. As more than 25 million Americans suffer from under and un-employment and 100+ million suffer from damaged personal credit reports, the perception of having Pritzker on your Economic Recovery Board and no support for HR3149 looks nothing short of cold and callous to the American people. It looks even worse to African-Americans who way back in 2007 had “bad credit” at a 48 percent rate and Hispanics who had a 34 percent rate (27 percent for Caucasians). What do you think the percentages are by now Mr. President? Many Americans now must question whether you have lost touch with the "common man" and the American people and are beholding to a billionaire like Pritzker and her multi-million dollar political money machine.You can’t talk jobs and the economy without very publicly supporting HR3149 and you have yet to do so even once. Having Pritzker on your Economic Recovery Board looks horrible for you, your party and makes any jobs talk seem hollow and disingenous. There are no jobs without HR3149 as law. I ask that you stand with the American people who are suffering by the millions by supporting HR3149 and put personal friendship aside by purging Pritzker from your Economic Recovery Board.

[End Sample Letter]


  1. Don't know who sent me this stupid shit, must be a Conservative operative however why should I care about this, when you didn't question Enron/Halliburton/Carlyle Group/Tanton Industries/freedomworks-humungus supporters of the Republican teaparty.....Stop spreading division and bad statistics trying to separate us. Stand with the "American people" what do you mean conservative white folks who hate our President because he is ACTUALLY changing this country from it's plantation politics. Get the hell out of here. Don't send me this shit.

  2. "Change we can believe in" is not taking millions from billionaire Penny Pritzker's efforts to raise campaign cash and then in return putting her on a presidential economic recover board so she can use her influence to continue her company's practice of selling American's personal credit reports to employers for a profit. We're not here to fix the world or debate the war machine, etc. The facts are A) Pritzker raised millions for the Obama campaign B) She is a personal friend and long time supporter C) She is the Chair of TrasUnion who makes millions starving Americans by selling their personal credit reports D) The vast majority percentage of people denied employment via credit checks are black Americas approx. 60% of all discrimination via credit checks. So supporting Obama's appointment of Pritzker who makes money off discriminating against black Americans more than anyone one is racist? Calling for her resignation is not! Your welcome to disagree . . . it's an open forum.