Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Turning Point or Swan Song?

If you caught the news via our group wall or last week’s activity requests, you’re aware there was a proposed amendment to the Wall Street reform bill that would have outlawed employment credit checks. Our hunch was that it didn’t have much of a chance and we couldn’t have been more wrong! If you’re squeamish pardon the metaphor, but the amendment got clubbed like a baby seal! You can read the who and why in this week’s sample letter(s). In short, man’s inhumanity to man and pure greed knows no bounds. The good news is that A) we now know the size of the force we’re fighting B) we know that we have to mobilize our allies and bring more to the table and C) it’s time to stop playing games and grow our FB group into a real number.

Being slow to anger is a good trait, but if you’re not angered enough now to get involved 100% and recruit every American to the cause you can find, then you just don’t have right stuff. Sure the squashing of SA 3795 was about money and greed, but more than anything it’s about POWER and CONTROL of the people. The message the power brokers just sent was ‘we have the power and control and YOU don’t have the guts to fight.’ The age of ‘big brother’ has arrived and if the power brokers starve every man, woman and child in America via employment credit checks, they could care less. These people are PIGS! The question is, ‘do YOU really care?’ Not only do they own you and your family, but they own every future generation as well. If YOU don’t make a stand NOW to grow our numbers, send that extra e-mail and make that extra phone call they will own America forever with no force or laws to stop them. Employment credit checks exemplify the worst that exists within the heart of man. A ‘human’ that would starve a child with an employment credit check is not a human at all. This is not happening in some communist nation or third world country, this is happening in America and YOU and only YOU have the power to stop it . . .

We live in Washington, but before we got involved in this, even we were naïve. If you simply joined the group and are sitting there hoping and doing nothing else, there is a better chance that the tooth fairy will visit you tonight than you contributing to passage of HR3149. Time is running out and if we don't get this done before November our chances fall off a cliff. The time has come to rise up and get real so let’s get started!


  1. It is unbelievable to me that this amendment would get put aside in order to appease the 'power brokers' instead of standing with the people! It shows just who has to go in Washington!


  2. Yes, it truly reaffirms that the rich Republican Conservative, Christian Coalition--the Fat Cats are at it again; as though they are so righteous--well, they are not better than us. For the sins that some of their great leaders have committed from the Bible Belt South cheating on their wives who are they to point a finger at anyone. I wonder if they know that if they are pointing one finger at us, they are pointing for fingers at themselves telling themselves the same garbage about themselves as they are saying about us. God have mercy on us if Sara Palin and her Tea Party gains any type of control; the United States might as well give up the ship. She has no idea what this great country is all about and its organization. When asked when running for VP what she would do for in a certain agency, she had to admit she did not even know what the agency did. Oh, yes, she can see the Soviet Union from the State in which she deserted. Why did she cheat the State of Alaska out of money having them support here as she lived in her own home rather than the governor's residence in Fairbanks? Yes, she had to repay it. Why did she so suddenly escape that great State? Every time she opens her mouth, she puts her foot into it. God Save the USA--rid the United States of these get rich fat cats.

  3. The Democrats are in charge, not Sarah Palin. The Democrats has stalled HR3149 along with the president. So maybe the fat cats are everyone in Washington and people believing their is any difference between the two parties needs to wake up . . .

  4. people like to stick to their politics no matter what. The powerful love to keep us in a "left-right paradigm" and look at this liberal 2 posts above my post, same old shit, he trys to blame conservatives, and blah blah blah blah, wake up you assholes/

  5. Divide and conquer via the media and the American people still haven't wised up. There is no two party system people, there is one party, the party of the dollar bill and power. If it were not true, HR3149 would be law.