Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 3, 2010 Press Release (Copy)

J. Romero, 702.878.2625

Working America Calls for Obama to Purge TransUnion Chair from Board

May 3, 2010, WASHINGTON, DC: With more than 25 million Americans struggling with under/unemployment attempting to stand upon their financial feet again, TransUnion Chair, Penny Pritzker is sitting on President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Chicago-based TransUnion along with Equifax and Experian are directly 100% responsible for millions of the under/unemployment numbers in America. It’s all about greed and profits from marketing workplace discrimination and selling Americans’ personal credit information to employers.

“With Pritzker on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, his efforts are woefully misguided and doomed to failure, says HR3149 advocate Jacquelyn Romero. “Employment credit checks are a core cause of joblessness in America and impact more than 100 million citizens. With Pritzker on this board with an open door to the White House, HR3149 that would outlaw the practice of employment credit checks is doomed along with any hope of getting a job in America.”

Regardless of political party, allowing Pritzker (predatory lending purveyor via failed Superior Bank) to profit from workplace discrimination and sit on a presidential advisory board for economic recovery ‘spits in the face’ of justice and equality in the workplace. Instead, our President along with all Democrats and Republicans need to support passage of HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act so America can get back to work. That’s not going to happen with Pritzker within the White House walls and Congress lapping up credit bureau PAC money. Wall Street’s greed and no government oversight tossed millions into the street and Pritzker is 100% committed to keeping them there. The trillion dollar economic stimulus plan that oiled political palms passed overnight, but a FREE absolutely certain to work jobs fix for millions is stalled?

Long before the economic collapse, a third of working Americans suffered “bad credit” and now the figure is approaching half of the U.S. population (between 20 and 75 years old). Black America has “bad credit” at a 48% rate and the rate is 34% for Hispanics and 27% for Caucasians. More than 50 percent of all jobs and 80+ percent of white collars jobs force submission of a credit report just for the right to work. This is occurring in a nation that supposedly prides itself on liberty and freedom and the percentage of employers deploying these credit checks and the jobs impacted is growing rampantly as the economy worsens. The right to work is the most basic of all human rights and Americans no longer have that right in 47 states.

More than 60,000 businesses, impacting more than three million people, filed bankruptcy in 2009 but if a citizen hits a ‘bump in the road’ they never work again because of employment credit reports? As long as Pritzker sits on this economic recovery board and credit bureau greed prevails to provide even more money to buy Washington (instead of following the will of 90 percent of the American people that support HR3149) there will be no economic recovery for millions. We call upon our President to stand with “the people” instead of credit bureau greed by supporting HR3149 and asking for Pritzker’s resignation from this board effective immediately.

ABOUT: The HR3149 Political Action Group is a grassroots team of citizen political activists from all 50 states with one sole focus - passing HR3149 NOW. We receive no funding whatsoever from any individual or political party and are 100% non-partisan.

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