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Outreach: Non-Supportive Civil Rights Advocates

Outreach: "Non-Supportive" Civil Rights Advocates
The civil rights groups and leaders provided via the contact points beneath our sample letter below, are batting a 100% zero, or very close to it, in regard to support for passage of HR3149. While we can't speak for you, we do speak for our perspective via the following sample letter. You look at the percentages and racial divide in workplace discrimination via employment credit checks. You go review the websites and priorities of the groups and individuals listed and make up your own mind. Write from your own perspectives and experiences . . . not ours. Ten minutes of website review and some googling and you'll find vitrually zero support for HR3149 and that has to change, so let's get started . . .

[Sample Letter]

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that once barred workplace discrimination on the basis of race and skin color is now dead for the vast majority of African-Americans. As a result, the economic gains made by black Americans over the past several decades are evaporating into thin air. Employment credit checks quietly became a workplace discrimination tool in the 90s and today have grown to 50+ percent for all jobs and 80+ percent of all white collar jobs. Long before the Great Recession, “bad credit” in the African-American community was 48 percent. With the outrageously high unemployment numbers now in black America the percentage must be a staggering 60 or 70 percent, if not higher.

While many want to minimize it as mere coincidence instead of racism and bigotry, the reality is that racial inequality in the workplace is now rampant once again. By easily adding a couple additional filters to credit checks (such as predominately black neighborhoods along with first and last names) and the result is that African Americans don’t work. The “Whites Only Need Apply” sign has simply been replaced with a “credit check required for employment” policy – Title VII doesn’t exist! As long as there is no sign in the window, the majority of the civil rights community appears to be blind to what quietly just happened in less than two decades.

If that were not true, HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act, that would outlaw the practice of workplace credit checks, would be law already. From you there’s no push in the media, there’s no mention on your website and there’s no effort to protest workplace inequality for African-Americans? This is the reality in a nation that has a black president, celebrates MLKs birthday and each year commemorates the passage of the Civil Rights Act with nostalgic fervor instead of lamenting the death of Title VII?

In poll after poll, HR3149 is supported by 90 percent of Americans of all races and skin colors. However, a “divide and conquer” approach between the elite who have a voice and the have-nots without a voice is keeping the issue muzzled. The lines of division are not racial but socio-economic instead. Those with influence along with the political elite of all races could care less if “the people” are starved via workplace credit checks. If that were not the truth, HR3149 would now be law instead of being stalled by the millions in corporate dollars being paid out in PAC money. The money can also be found in foundations and funding specifically selected to muzzle voices. Americans from all racial backgrounds now see that money easily buys conscience and waters down passion.

While the percentages of “bad credit” may vary with Hispanics at 34 percent and whites at 27 percent, there is no racial divide between Americans impacted. There is however a growing division between the elite and those Americas being stomped under their boot of power and control. As a civil rights leader, isn’t it time that you reevaluate your position and support of HR3149? Well over half of black America is now locked out of the workplace and silence by you means that you stand with the elite and the corporations. Please stand with Americans of all backgrounds and skin colors and perform your charter to ensure equality in America. Restore Title VII to the Civil Rights Act by pushing through passage of HR3149 before the tide turns in November. Time is running out . . .

[End Sample Letter]

Contact Points . . . e-mail, call and write via snail mail. The time has come to command attention and only an aggressive across the board effort will work.

National Urban League

PH: (212) 558-5300

Snail Mail:
Mr. Marc Morial
President and CEO
National Urban League
120 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005

Southern Christian Leadership Conference

PH: 404.522.1420

Snail Mail:
Rev. Dr. Byron Clay
Interim President & CEO
P. O. Box 89128
Atlanta, GA 30312

National Action Network

PH: 212.690.3070

The Al Sharpton Show 877.532.5797

Snail Mail:
Rev. Al Sharpton
National Action Network
Crisis Department
106 W. 145th Street
Harlem, New York 10039

Rainbow Push Coalition

PH: 773.373.3366

Snail Mail:
Rev. Jessie Jackson
Rainbow Push Coalition
930 East 50th Street
Chicago, IL 60615

Southern Poverty Law Center

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