Friday, May 28, 2010

Outreach to Civil Rights Groups and Black Media

We’ve previously asked for group member volunteer(s) to head up this effort on an ongoing basis, but we haven’t yet had members to step-up. Shoot us a note if you can get more involved and contribute. (We need the same type of ongoing effort for organized labor groups as well.) Black Americans suffer the result of workplace credit checks at almost twice the rate of white Americans and per the EEOC, this constitutes racial discrimination. So where is the outrage, passion and support for HR3149 from civil rights leaders and black media? We don't see it, do you?

Therefore it's our obligation as a group to bring the issue to the forefront of civil rights leaders and black media in America as a show of solidarity and to move HR3149 forward to the benefit of all Americans. We’re rolling out an effort that will spill into next week to focus just on those groups, leaders and media outlets. So let’s get started . . .

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your efforts to correct this imbalance and racial injustice. I think there is a culture of fear, where people are afraid in this economy that if they don't submit to credit checks or seem unwilling to cooperate, there won't be a job offer. We also have a president talking about a "post-racial" society as if it has happened. It hasn't.