Friday, May 7, 2010

Ask Your Members of Congress to Support Pritzker Purge from Board

Ask YOUR members of Congress to Urge Obama to Purge Pritzker and Support HR3149 (and just introduced SA3795)

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[Sample Message]

While reading a Chicago Tribune article (linked below) an alarming relationship came to light that causes me great concern. Penny Ptitzker, Chair, TransUnion sits on the President’s Economic Recovery Board. With TransUnion among the big three credit bureaus directly responsible for much of the 25+ million Americans suffering from under and un-employment this board position reeks of impropriety and cronyism. All the credit bureaus are profiting wildly from selling American’s personal credit reports to employers and all three use millions of marketing dollars to encourage the workplace discrimination practice. As documented in the linked article, Pritzker and TransUnion take it even further than that, however, with underhanded backroom arm twisting, “lobbying,” and manipulation of legislators.

Myself and millions of other Americans are questioning whether HR3149: The Equal Employment for All Act stalled in the House (and just introduced SA3795) is due to our President’s personal friendship and long-time relationship with Penny Prtzker, Chair, TransUnion who led his campaign finance team and raised millions of dollars for his campaign. To have Pritzker on his Economic Recovery Board smacks in the face of justice and workplace equality. When the President promised “Change We Can Believe In” and Speaker Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” the American people expected it to be done, however, hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit bureau PAC money are buying votes in Congress and the House Committee on Financial Services to keep the legislation stalled.

No support for HR3149 (and just introduced SA3795) from the President and little from Congress as a whole lead the American people to believe money talks and “the people” be damned. As more than 25 million Americans suffer from under and un-employment and 100+ million suffer from damaged personal credit reports, the perception of having Pritzker on an Economic Recovery Board and no support whatsoever to date for HR3149 (and just introduced SA3795) looks nothing short of horrible, cold and callous. It looks even worse to African-Americans who have “bad credit” at a 48 percent rate and Hispanics who have a 34 percent rate (27 percent for Caucasians).

Congress can’t talk jobs and the economy without very publicly supporting HR3149 (and just introduced SA3795) and calling for Pritzker’s removal from the President’s Economic Recovery Board. I ask that you stand with the American people who are suffering by the millions by supporting HR3149 (and just introduced SA3795) and urge the President to purge Pritzker from his Economic Recovery Board.

Link to Chicago Tribune Article on Pritzker and TransUnion,0,5056644.story?page=1

[End Sample Message]

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